Working STAR DESTROYERS, Zero Gravity SPACE Battles (Forts Star Wars Jakku Gameplay Space Ships)

Let’s Play Forts NEW Star Destroyers on Jakku! Forts is a Physics Based RTS where you build forts vs other players forts! (Part 10)

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About Forts: Forts is a physics-based RTS where foes design and build custom bases, arm them to the teeth and blast their opponent’s creations to rubble.

The arms race intensifies with this new update that adds two new tech buildings which allow commanders access to six formidable new weapons, and a host of new and varied strategies. The Armoury unlocks Flak guns to clear the skies of enemy projectiles, and EMP rockets to power down enemy tech, both of which can be upgraded to the Shotgun and twin Rocket launcher, respectively. The classic Cannon is now found in the new Munitions Plant, where it is joined by it’s little brother, the burst-firing 20mm Cannon. The Factory now produces two beam weapons, the classic Plasma Laser and the new Firebeam, great for penetrating fortifications to ignite them from within.

Tons of Guns comes complete with new AI forts bristling with new weapons for players to take on in Skirmish or Multiplayer, and a new Mod Selection feature, which allows several new game types, such as Fast Build, Rapid Fire and Zero Gravity. Also included are Truce mods, which provide a period of varying lengths in which players can build up their forts in peace, before they start blasting each other into oblivion. All this, and the previously released Steam Workshop integration, comes free to Forts owners and increases the fort building possibilities of the game. Enjoy!

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Urski Naattori says:

Play this against bliz

Emp 500 says:

Becaus of 0 gravity mode, every time u kill an enemy core u should reach out asap and connect to them. Then u can take their whole base

greek community-gaiming says:

27.35 look at this moment but he noob he fuct up

Noah Carlton says:

That beep beep beep and tolling been alarm means you have a fire out of controll, and you need to go put itout

Kylo Ren says:

Use auto canon theire very good to open thr way for the big guns

Sean Bailey says:

Baron, if you buy the workshop you already get access to the laser and cannon workshops. It works with the rocket one aswell, please like so he can see!

Rougehawk says:

Nice clickbate

RG 13 says:

Do Guns Up

E Tremblay says:

World of Tanks

Natalia Gritsko says:

pirat ships

Wyatt Rising says:

I find the lack of raven-field disturbing…..

Natalia Gritsko says:

pirates map

Darth Bacon says:

that was by far the most intense forts gameplay so far

LUO SI XUN says:

Baron you have a bad moff Tarkin impression

BaronVonLetsPlay says:

How was everyones’ Thanksgiving, for those that celebrated in Merica!?
What games is everyone playing over the holidays? Favorite upcoming games in December? Lemme know Brigade….where you at!?

Natalia Gritsko says:

pirates map

A Doge That Doesn't Like Jake/Logan Paul says:


Natalija Djokic says:

Y You no play for the empire?

Kevin Arambula says:

Baron or would help if you upgraded your defensive weapons that way you don’t have to worry as much…

Abhi C says:

More raven field

Natalia Gritsko says:

pirat ships

Ceciel Tuldanes says:

Do mass auto cannons they ate very good

Slender Mane says:

he seems to not know that the reason he can’t build mines and rockets most of the time is because the armor is in the way and unlike wood, they don’t auto rebuild into a background wall

Nicholas Skipper says:

Baron you gotta delete the metal to place the mines

Nathan says:

This is a good 3 v 3 map

Yohan L.naraidoo says:

when you’re first but you’re too lazy to write in a comment



akarishoski vlogs& more says:

not a correlean it was a hammerhead mon calamri/mandalorion joint project lol

Dinis Raposo says:

Baron plz make a serius of ark

A Doge That Doesn't Like Jake/Logan Paul says:

I swear to God I nearly unsubscribed just from the pure scene of burning star destroyers.

Sebastian Armstrong says:

Please play forts player vs player (pvp). Maybe against blitz or some1 else. You wanted to know of a map that worked with AI. The solution is to not play against AI.

Zachary Katz says:

Use sheilds

noble six says:

Baron I think it got hit and cos it like a remote operated ballistic missile it went offline and crazy

THE BOSS says:

The top ship did defend it just shot your ship

Ethan Douglass says:

Hey baron I was asking if you could try upgraded flak guns with explosive rounds hero,it is insanely over powered.

Kylo Ren says:

Use auto canon

xNestle_ says:

Nice vid dude, I’ve been enjoying you play the game so much I’ve bought the game myself 😀

Rogue Irishman says:

Was anyone else screaming build some batteries at the start

Asomkalay Halta says:

ok i need to buy this game and play with you

Brotato 2007 says:

You can upgrade the flack to a TANANANANANAAAAAA!


Invader95 Gameplays says:

Next Time Make A Clone Wars Battle

Just a Flamingo And a snake. says:

Baron, you should upgrade your weapons to able to make more power!

Natalia Gritsko says:

pirat ships plz

Gustav Lau Rasmussen says:

How Can you get This game i cant fint it help meeee!

Rachel Frodsham says:

we need more forts multiplayer

Tyler Goodman says:

More forts

Kev Dorsey says:

I subscribe love videos

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