What is… Cosmonautica (Space Ship Trading, Open World, Sims Style Gameplay)

CaptainShack dives into Cosmonautica. A space sim like title with elments of Space Combat, Trading, Crew Management, and a smart parrot. No really. Its a robot parrot. Lets what wtf this title is all about!

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Killojoy 41 says:

Hey Captain Shack good video. I just have a quick question. First I want to thank you for your service. I heard in a video that you were in the military so yes thank you for your service. Second I ask could you recommend any strategy games for me on steam? I just got into the steam world and don’t really know where to start. I’m usually a console gamer so PC is a whole new jungle for me. I enjoy you work as your one of my favorite YouTubers on YouTube. This is actually my first comment in years so heyyyy lol. Keep up the awesome work. Love a strategy enthusiasts from North Carolina.

Insanitygamer says:

Rogue Trader, G rated edition.

Please someone make a Rogue Trader game like this with all the grim dark features that 40K has

Eric Effert says:

8:25.. anddd. purchased.

Rishi Patel says:

More fallout!!!!!

Sander Mesila says:

Its gonna be a big game.

cbrwx says:

Too bad this game is shit, no dept and pointless as there is no endgame. Do not bother with this crap

ultra ranger says:

+TheXPGamers can you do more star trek armada 3 please

hexrome brose says:

Hay looking for a new anime series?
Watch The Familiar Of Zero

I hope someday they will make new episodes of it

Konather says:

this looks awseom i’ll keep my eye on it

Mike says:

Please do a play through.

Aniken Lukan says:

Love to see mods and a lets play for this

Oke_Doke says:

I could just groove to that soundtrack all day.

Joseph Sumpter says:

I will faithfully watch this if you make it a series!!!

James Walker says:

the title alone got me

Wilbur Jenkins says:

Kind of like a boring FTL with better graphics.

The other Jack says:


Spilltap says:

Play more -_- I like that game

Piggy_Wiggles says:


Freedom Trooper says:

Hey there Captain.  I just have a question for you not related to the game which does look fun.  First off you mentioned you were a Sgt in the Air Force. I am currently in the Air Force as a crew chief, and i was just wondering what your AFC was?  Anyways i really enjoy your videos, please keep up the good work!

JackThatMonkey says:

What non-AAA game hasn’t been fucking early acces?

Jerko Morbée says:

let’s play!!!!!

Lo Schmidt says:

When will you do a series for the clone wars mod on star wars empire at war since you finished republic at war.

perafilozof says:

Cute game, I will wait for more content but will buy it.

Majvfb says:

It reminds me of FTL but of course a different story, 3D and other enhanced or added parts.

Tony Savage says:

Fyi: A lot of the planet names are German wordplays (game is developed by a German company) ‘Hynuber’ -> hinüber

The game has a Startopia vibe to it and difficulty scale is pleasant. I tend to get mutinies, because I always forget toilets, or snackboxes, when buying new ships, durr!

I love it. But if you buy the mobile (android) version, you’ll need a powerful tablet, though.

TokuSaito1 says:

this is basically fallout shelter in space lol

Pistol Magee says:

keep playing this game

Snow Valintine says:

a lets play story would be cool


Shack play pulsar lost colony plzzz

Dominic Salmon says:

Please can you play pulsar: lost colony?

Alex Bernal says:

imagine how sweet a star wars mod would be for this game

OnlyClass100 says:

I have a problem with the game if anyone can help, when I load up the game I can’t click on anything on the main menu… It hasn’t frozen as the background and music still work and are animated. But I can’t click on anything… Any ideas?

Mastersteak4106 says:

Bob had Tiny Box Tim!

James Brennan says:

Please do another halo Homefront video !! 🙁

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