What is AVORION?: Gameplay Overview – Space Sandbox with ARPG Loot

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AVORION is a space sandbox game that features voxel-based ship building, trading, mining, salvaging, hunting space-pirates (or becoming one) & ARPG style loot. You start at the edge of the galaxy and make your way towards the center, finding better materials & weapons while also facing more difficult challenges.

In this video I give an overview of the features and gameplay mechanics as well as a bit of my experiences so far in 50 hours of the game.

I found & purchased this game myself – nothing to disclose, just writing this so you can check for sure.

Avorion is available on steam for $18 during early access: http://store.steampowered.com/app/445220/Avorion/ It’s planned to release around Q3 2018, the price is planned to go up at launch.

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burnblade932 says:

maybe i missed it, but what happens if you get destroyed?

insekt says:

looks cool! can we get small kinda begginer guide, how to start and what is important? greetings

james14294 says:

Purchased with game after the first session watching you play it, and have watched your other sessions as well, its definitely worth it 🙂

Takes a bit to figure out the “curve” you need to follow to make sure you stay ahead of the bandits and get use to the building mechanics, but once you get use to it its fun 🙂

verts_tv says:

Guides would be cool, thinking about getting soon.

Kastet k. says:

Is it a single player only or can we expect multiple options in the future?

ZiggyD Gaming says:

If you want to see more of the game and I’m not live yet I’ve added my stream vods on Twitch into a collection (playlist) here: https://www.twitch.tv/collections/sPWKvG0h9xQL0g

ItzGarcia says:

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SteveBull41 says:

Loving the music!

Keith Winget says:

Dem space physics gonna getchya!

Jacob Haverson says:

What’s with the Revelation in the thumb nail.

Anthony Hodges says:

Looks good ZiggyD look forward to seeing more

felixsimon2 says:

So basically “From the Depths”, but in space, got it XD

we the treeple says:

Cool, I’d like to check it out when it releases.

RCADE Gaming says:

Gonna buy it now

dunderminnet says:

Noice! Btw Ziggy, did you ever play the X games? Like X3 Terran conflict/Albion prelude?

germinvermin says:

…so it’s a Starmade clone? Got it.

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