Virtual Reality Space Survival! – Star Shelter Gameplay – VR HTC Vive

Welcome to Star Shelter in virtual reality on the HTC Vive! Star Shelter is one of the first survival games made for VR. As you’re stranded in space, you must climb around in Zero-G, explore, scavenge, craft, hack and fight to survive. You have to arm and upgrade your spaceship in order to escape this cosmic graveyard.


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Intro Song – The Swing by TexasBrother:


Frederik Swanepoel says:

love your vids

Harrison Haynes says:


Caleb Mauldin says:

Play more stare shelter

catbert7's Gaming Highlights says:

Why do so many people confuse momentum with inertia? 😮

Challenge Accepted says:

Do you have a son

Ethan Bryant says:

I love your videos

Krzysztof Szymanski says:

I need more gorn pls

Spiral Universe says:

This game looks so cool Ctoop! Hopefully you’ll play it again

Meilan Herlina says:


Marcel says:

If you played Lone Echo on the Rift, this looks like stoneage.
Well theres no survival but a great story telling.

Legendary Gamer says:

you should play more! im loving it xD

Super ilyas says:

Plz reply

AgentOrange0987 says:

Me likey this game oh yes me likey

Joe Joe says:

Do more

Charlie Lund Friis says:


pringlesman 3600 says:

Hi ctop

Flame Lavashard says:

I am having a awesome day because of you Ctop

Average pyro main says:

…suicide……Painless dead … No I cant make a pun about it

Abigail Heyward says:

Subscribed to you

Overflow Games says:

Thanks for the video, you did encounter some bugs but they’re fixed now. we also updated the game and made some changes to spawn rates and difficulty! would love to see more, you’re a great youtuber!

Game Breakers says:

Deffentle not a subnatica Rip of wink wink nudge nudge 2018 any one

Cathy Amayao says:

What do you look like with out you vr head set?

Doctor Nade says:

Great video PLS make a series.

Christopher Guthrie says:


NitrousCleric31 says:

Hear The Backround xD

Slob Fire says:

Ctop you are my go to VR gamer. Please play the games you love to play because it is fun to see you play games that make you happy. And play some more prison boss.

Candice Eaton says:

This guy is the best!!!!!!

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