Theme Teams: Terran | Space People in Space Suits Doing Space Stuff | HotS Gameplay

Theme Teams: Terran | Space People in Space Suits Doing Space Stuff | HotS Gameplay Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

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Dan Cybert:




—Dan Cybert—

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Geoff George says:


Avoice inthewilderness says:

why did no one do Kerrigan ghost?

undead4260 says:

kerrigan has a terran skin as well
she has the queen of ghosts skin

Dwarfurious says:

You already DID a women-only theme, remember? it was the elves.

Mitchel Brown says:

Actually, u can do a FULL True terran comp

Primal says:

hasn’t dan been playing with u guys for like a month now? I feel like if he was going to improve he would’ve done it at least a little bit by now

Ethan Wood says:

I HAVE A IDEA!!! Do a theme team with all pink skins and all donations throughout the stream go towards cancer research!

Chicksgomoo says:

How about globals? Like Bw,dehaka, falstad,abathur…anymore?

DamnDaimen says:

I am still waiting for the nude theme. Plenty of neked people in HotS.

Eli Smith says:

Kye has hair. When did that happen.

Zach Otten says:

also uther sounds like illidan?

Catnium says:

Paragon is a moba and its cross platform between xbox and pc ( i think ..could be playstation i’m not sure not a console person)

Zach Otten says:

ive been askign pally about the new misha controls, i fucking hate them, and im really glad he agrees. i use t for my triat not d, and the controls before were so fluid and smart. i constantly try and have to click on me and it doesnt work. its so frustrating

Zach Otten says:


DJ OakeyDoakey says:

Laser turret MVP

Jacob Denham says:

You could call it Ladies night! LOL

CG154 says:

How about a Summoned Army theme? The requirement being characters who can use multiple summoned pets in battle.  I.E. Azmodan, Gazlowe (turrets), Xul, Arthas (Army of the Dead), Abathur, Anub’Arak, Zagara, Nazeebo, etc.

TheJoker _Joke says:

i prefer with short hair ^^

Kerolos Abdrabbo says:

kiy what happened to your beautiful red hair 🙁

gildarmesh says:

Couple suggestions
– *Monsters who look like Ladies*- Kerrigan, Lunara, Lili, Zegara, Sylvanas
– *Halloween Time*- Count Arthas, Halloween Kerrigan, Halloween Abathur, Halloween Xul and Valla
– *The Heroes That Time Forgot*- Abathur, Medivh, Chen, Rexxar and The Lost Vikings all have less than 6.0% popularity on HOTS logs
– *Full Global Team*- ETC (stagedive), Dehaka, Brightwing, Falstad and Hunt Illidan (arguable Zegara with nydus)
– *Full Stealth Ops team*- Sgt. Hammer (with lvl 1 talent), Tyrande (with shadowstalk), Nova, Zeratul, Valeera, Dehaka (with burrow invisibility) and Medivh (with lvl 20 stealth talent) pick 5 (Samuro debatable)
– *Undead Rising Team*- Anub’arak, Leoric, Arthas, Sylvanas and Stitches
– *Full Unique Units Team*- Cho’Gall (two in one), Abathur(non-engage hero), The Lost Vikings (one in three hero), Rexxar (hero with companion) and Murky (character designed for fodder by design)
– *Heavy on the Cheese Full Push Team*- Azmodan, Dehaka, Gazlowe, Murky, Ragnaros, Sylvanas and Xul pick 5 (Argument can be made for Abathur, Kerrigan, Arthas and Zegara to be on here but they cannot clear waves as fast)
Please use some of these they would be good

dudewuttheheck says:

poor pally 🙁

Green Sky says:

Funny that you guys, although you play this game basically every day and earn money by doing so, don’t even keep track of patches. Uther didn’t had reworks? What? He had one last year, got 2 new talents like Beacon of Light, a lot of tweaks and they removed generics like Block. That wasn’t just some little numbers tweaking, they did some bigger changes.

Lecter says:

Do the team of traitors

Tunsu Alexandru says:

*puts on lipstick (or whatever that is*

Avery Lewis says:

kiye stay in well longer to get full mana D:

Martin Thorvaldsen says:

kiyes new hair, damn looks good but suprising so diffrentxD

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