THE ULTIMATE SPACE ADVENTURE! | Lone Echo VR (Oculus Touch Gameplay)

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Lone Echo is a space adventure game in where you’ll be transported to a futuristic mining facility within the rings of Saturn, including a highly advanced space station, beautiful outer-space environments, and interactive space gadgets. In Lone Echo you play as Jack, a artificial intelligence with a state-of-the-art synthetic body.

Your task is to help Captain Olivia Rhodes solve an increasingly threatening mystery as you use handy tools, clever problem solving, and interactive dialogue to engage with the world around you.

Check it out on Oculus Home:

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Truth Seeker says:

Well nathie, since you recommend us to get Rift, can you show us your sensor installation ? Did you install 4, 3 or only 2?
And I am skeptisch about connecting the sensors from the back of the room all the way to the PC.
If you please enlighten us about the installation , thank you in advance!

caonum says:

anyone else thinking firefly with those dinosaurs on the console?

XxBardiaxX14 _ says:

Hey nathie love your videos next time can you play smash box arena?

SweViver says:

Lone Echo is a true blast! Nice to see a long gameplay video skipping the first tutorial steps, great idea and well done as always Nathie 🙂

MegaTurquoiseTurtle says:

This game looks awesome!

Eminem 50 says:

Good video man ❤

Paradise Decay says:

The bar in VR has been raised!

Deadranger04 says:

Play more out of ammo

TriedGryphon says:

I ordered my Oculus and it is coming to me on the fourteenth!!!! I’m soooo hyped so i’m watching all sorts of different Oculus touch videos but Nathie’s are definitely the best ones!!

ProjectJamesify says:

This is the future people! BEHOLD!

SnipeCrew Games says:

I’ve played echo arena I haven’t gotten lone echo yet not sure if it’s a good enough game yet. I’ve Waiting for a gameplay like this to see if I should get it

K.O. Edit says:

Are you going to make a video with your Hololens?

MR Brofist says:

Ohhh yeahh 1st

Bill Dean says:

Great vid Nathie.

Phillip Kanagy says:


3D-VR-360 VIDEOS says:

True that. It’s awesome ^^

shari-ann Cunningham says:

finally Nathie plays lone echo

Just Gonna Comment says:


Robbie guru says:

Cool dude all your videos are a help


This game sure is pretty sweet! Our run was a bit more NSFW though… ; )

MyFriend says:

More more more 😀 This game is amazing!

SquareBlock Studios says:

Nathie, PLEASE try Anyland. It is worth making a video, the stuff you can do in it is insane.

Phillip Kanagy says:


Caleb Singleton says:

hey nathie

Boka_gamer05 says:

I like this channel

That Dude says:

This Game is unlike any other, Pretty much the experience everyone expects from VR gaming, breathtaking!

Tyrese Moses says:

First yes

Dark Foxy12 says:

O my dis game its soo soo wow
Jod job nathie o and you now if job simulator will do a new dlc?


Mega DeadShot27 says:


Denis Marchetto says:

Hello nathie lone echo is one of the coolest VR games out there so far please continue to show this game off on your channel as far as we should play next try a title called one of the last here is the link a great weekend  nathie .

Michael Morgan says:

She yelled at you because the fuse came back out. Thus you “removed a working fuse”. That should have been obvious.

okay okay says:


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