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Welcome to Genesis: Alpha One, a first person base-building survival game set in space that is currently in early access. It’s really cool because you get to build and manage your own space station and defend it from alien infestations, all while farming resources in a randomly generated universe. The main objective is to explore the universe to find new homes for humanity’s DNA and save us from extinction.

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Sean Johnson says:

I’m going to say this once SPACE ENGINEERS

Steven Ritchey says:

Game looks cool, I’d be interested in seeing more

Hughie Irwin says:

Is there anymore videos to come for raft? I really enjoyed watching that

Sean DeMarco says:

This game looks cool as it is a first person shooter but also is an adventure game but my biggest worry is the constructing and maintenance of it as I am not good with sims at all. Anyone like me play this yet and have no issues? The video makes it look simplified but I don’t know.

Ed Creat says:

Maybe one day you can play NO MAN’S SKY (new update)
You will love that game

Shindlay Nath says:

This game is super awesome

Gjergji Gjergji says:

Don’t leave this game

Tijn Klerx says:

why don’t call it the

Life is golden says:

This game is nice play more I like it

Mike M says:

Play some more of this. I really like the game

Travis Shallenberger says:

I would like to see you play this once it’s done. It seems pretty cool!

Ryker Griffin says:

I think you should focus on subnatica and Genesis. They would be great for a series.

Jack Bevan says:

This seems like a great game, and I hope it improves over the 12 months until it drops on steam

Wally TheMiner says:

Wow a another sh$tty early access game I swear all Suvivel games are in early access oh yeah yeah

Don Georgio says:

damn this game looks incredibly fun!

Dreadnought 1 says:

I love the game but there’s a few things missing firstly a custom or survival game mode where you have to survive as long as possible and the most importantly of all multiplayer, even if its spit screen online would be preferable

Justin l'trou d'eau says:

It’s cool that you’re doing some new series on new game and I know you were sponsored by Epic Games for this video (and thats awesome) but please tell me you’re not encouraging Epic Store and please don’t do Fortnite on this channel! But you still one of my favorite youtubers I really love your The Forest series and your new Subnautica serie totally change my perception of the game! Continue the great work!

etheREYaaal Pandemonium says:

I’m so happy for your success! You’ve come a long way and now you have a sponsor! <3 Good job!

Chris Holland says:

Definitely looking forward to more of this game!

Olivier Pelletier says:

Gotta love the fact that you actually played the game BEFORE recording your vid. Ive seen other channels where the guy was starting the game for the first time and god was it a pain to watch him question himself and the game every friggen minute : “What is this” …”hmm, what does that do” …”that a weird looking spaceship” …”Hey, wheres that console?”

I broke up MCR says:

Okay but where’s the battle royale mode?

JR McQ says:

Congrats on sponsor but mate u should stick with forest stranded deep green hell and (sadly) even subnautica. Please just focus on those games bro

Gjergji Gjergji says:

This game is the king

Tiaan Klaassens says:

Well I’m sold. I just bought it for Xbox One. Thanks!

Itachi Fox says:

This game is awesome plz make these videos fast

iamsteveo says:

Wheres that stranded deep episode u promised us on saturday?

Ma Koy says:

can you play resident evil remake

BDI everything says:

Or it’s spelled Osiris I really don’t know for sure me not know how to spel

BDI everything says:

Play ociris new dawn


Where is Weyland Yutani?!?!?!?!?

Super Cat Elvis says:

It looks like a Halo like game, and how he aliens are kind of like the flood

Lord of Nothing says:

MORE of this game pls:)


Also, the white monolith is the second generation from: 2001 A Space Odyssey!

DarknessOnDex says:

It’s only missing multiplayer

Герман Ковалёв says:

game actually looks interesting for alpha, there alot can be improved
but i just dont like that its only for epic games laucher, my mom dosnt allow me install it coz of fortnite

Patrick Joyner says:

I hope the PS4 version runs well. Looks great but I don’t like shooters running bad

the skead says:

this better be a new game on the channel

ToxicAntidote says:

Correction: On PC it’s so far only available in the Epic store. But it has a Steam page, and is set to be available there in 2020. On consoles it’s available on both PS4 and XBox One.

Nora Iconiq says:

Broadbent: See’s grenade bounce in green house proceeds to aim down pulls the trigger and dies.

Me: what did you expect would happen even if it bounced it would still hit you in the head and explode.

Vince Lawrence says:

Hey Broadbent. I wanna see you play Empyrion Galactic Survival. Your base building would suit much much better there!!! I hope you’ll consider this. You might not read this today or tomorrow but I hope someday you’ll read this. Loving all your vids man! Cheers!

Jeff Fire says:

Doom? 😮

Spectre Bravo says:


JOSSUA 17 says:

pls play sub

Tom Suchomel says:

It’s great that you are trying new games, although I also enjoyed the Forest only channel. I can see you enjoy playing these new games because you are publishing them more often. Keep up the great job, ur the best :).

BDI everything says:

And ark just keep doing survival games

Dave stout says:

Shouldn’t it be the HMS Broadbent? Lol

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