The Outer Worlds – Obsidian’s Fallout Space RPG! (Trailer Breakdown & New Gameplay Images!)

★ Obsidian Entertainment reveals their Fallout-like Single Player Space RPG The Outer Worlds, we breakdown the first trailer! ★
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Alex Albin says:

So boring. Game about the dialog window.

Eine kleine Nachtmusik says:

Had me at Obsidian, lost me at FPS. No fucking thanks.

Christophe Dawson says:

Well, time for more skimpy mods me boys.

Rich Homie Tron says:

who else romanced the shit out of Rose of Sharon Cassidy in New Vegas?

jeremy beverly says:

It’s gonna be good but not going to live up to the hype

shermonruler says:

This game kind of reminds me of Firefly

MrJblazini says:

Hope this comes to game pass

Jari Tiilikainen says:

I hope that when this is released I get that fallout experience what I got from New Vegas. I hate Fallout 76 and I have it and I don’t even play it anymore. It’s so broken that I can’t play it without getting frustrated almost any other minute.

john4jet says:

If this is just first person, I wont be buying, as these type of games give me motion sickness. It looked good too.

6Glitch says:

I have a feeling that Starfield will be more elder scroll than fallout in terms of tone.
I don’t think Outer Worlds and Starfield will be that similiar.

Trev 211996 says:

I’m telling you this is going to be what Starfield has aimed to be but I think it’s gonna be a definite game worth covering Legacy. 2018 belonged to RDR 2, 2019 might just belong to The Outer Worlds

Crispy Criminal says:

Todd Howard: What in the goddamn?

Microwave Hate Machine says:

Remember, No Preorder!!!

M3h3ndr3 says:

already better than fallout 76

justin parker says:

its not open world LegacyKillaHD

Brian Sneary says:

Borderlands feel, I’m in

Shawn Duncan says:

Spacesuit combat, please.

Big Boss says:

Mass effect 4?

295Phoenix says:

Bethesda is fucked, aren’t they?

Baraz says:

Not at all like Starfield (I think) but, yeah, what we want. That game has me excited like a kid at Christmas.

Malak says:

Not really liking it and that bullshit Number damage is a fucking Immersion breaker !!

Baraz says:

I have a crush on Ellie already. We cannot romance her in the game, but we can befriend her.

Jackson Smith says:

In typical Obisidian fashion, you’ll probably be able to side with one of the corporations ( à la NCR/Legion/House ) or have maybe a rebel faction and/or an independent ending.

DMT-Guru says:

I think its really unfair to call this Space Fallout… Let Obsidian step out of the shadow of Bethesda and Fallout, they deserve it.

Bob The Ranger says:

It’s not open world it’s going to be like metro exodus with large sandbox areas.

sada das says:

There, in the title, somwhere you should put the info that this is not for PC. As I saw, at the end of the trailer there is PS4 and xbox logo, nowhere I did saw PC. Stop waisting our time.

Todd Abbott says:

First of all if this is just New Vegas in space I will not touch it. Second it does not say open world. Third they showed about half a second of possible combat and lots of pretty cutscenes. I could just be as tree branch storyline for all we can see. This is a big wait and see.

halorocks884 says:

I cant wait to get my hands The Outer Worlds it already looks incredible and I loved Fallout New Vegas and I’ve been waiting for years for Obsidian to release a new game and I cant wait to get my hands on The Outer Worlds

jeremy beverly says:

I do want third person view tho.

SamCraig says:

Please be a better shooter engine than Fallout.

simon strand says:

Got more of a borderlands feel to me. Gearbox going to lose their fans to if they keep fuckin around and playing with us for years. This looks really awesome.

RaZeRR says:

Could cause headache to Bethesda if it a good game as Starfield is probably going to be compared to this. Its gonna be devastating for Bethesda if they can’t deliver similar or better experience as Outer Worlds.

Paffen Päft says:

i’m surely looking forward what Obsidian has to offer in this to replace my urgency of Fallout(which is already died with 76).

Eric R. Shepherd says:


Nightsblood100 says:

I think they are just rubbing bethesdas face in it with all these texts. “Creators of fallout” “try not to break it” lol

Des tero says:

It very much looked to me, like a good sequel to original Rage! There are a lot simillarities, even more so than in the actual new Rage (….which also looks awesome) but less simillar to the original than this one!

Edit: Even the Wingstick is in this game! At least looks like a wingstick….

bigtareec says:

Well, with Rage 2 and The Outer Worlds, Borderlands 3 needs to be more than exceptional. I guess these are my 3 games i will buy 2019. BL3 is first place for now, even though we havent seen a thing yet, but when there is only one thing Gearbox gets right, it is BL franchise. Thats their baby and im pretty sure it will overwhelm all the other games. Place 2 would be Rage 2. Just looks dope as fuc..

Mr Judas says:

Obsidian BMing Bethesda feels bad man

Sean Eilert says:

I hope Obsidian has a huge home run with this. I loved New Vegas. Bethesda should surrender their IP to Obsidian.

Baraz says:

The designers have shown info about the fact you can join a corporation that is antagonistic to your starter NPC, instead of doing the humanistic/good choice (save the thousands of colonists stranded/frozen in space…).

Rok Denžič says:

This looks like a perfect blend between Mass Effect and Fallout. I’m intrigued.

Alvin Putra says:

Now bethesda become speedbump

zLung Butterz says:

Everyone should pre-order this as a big middle finger to Todd Howard.

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