The Outer Worlds – Massive Gameplay and Information Dump

Today we take a look at 14 minutes of new gameplay for The Outer Worlds, but also a ton of new information about the game from 5 different interviews. Many press outlets got to see 1 hour of gameplay and in this video I will break down what they said.



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My Notes:
– Described as alt-history future – gilded age into outer space
o Some mega-corporations purchased a new colony in a star system far from humanity’s home world – two worlds in it that being terraformed
– Game starts as character is thawed on ship – on second colony ship
o Got knocked out of FTL travel so it took 70 years longer to arrive than intended – world has 70 years of buildup
– Not supposed to live over 10 years in hibernation – scientist kept you alive
o First quest is to dethawed others (or not)
o Can betry him the second you find the government – play as you’d like
 Get a lot of money
– Lots of character customization and rarely see character on screen
– Get own starship and crew – they have their own opinions
o From same DNA as NV, but characters more integrated
o Skills stack and they can interject in interactions
o No romance
o Central hub of game, fast travel, inv, companion storage
– Want to have companion personalities develop – fully fledged people
– Final game has 10 brands – each with own weapons and items
o Some lower end and some luxury
o Some brands are more moddable than others
– Can give companion orders, but have own combat styles
– Three dialogue skills
o Lie
o Intimidate – kill creature which may intimidate other creatures to run (advantages in combat from dialogue skill)
o Persuade
o Will interject and ask own questions
– Flaws – permanent negative attribute
o Bad thing happens so you can sidestep it and take a flaw
 Animal delivers grievous wound
o Robophobia
– “It’s a typical Obsidian game,” Staples said, “so it has a lot of choice and consequence. A lot of building your own character and playing the way that you want to play.”

PC Gamer
– What people disappointed in Fallout 76’s MP will want to play
– Can always fight, sneak, or talk through mission
– Old Fallout-like humor
– Two planets to hop between
o Terra 1 – Monarch (uncolonized) – now a moon (terraforming didn’t work)
o Terra 2 – Halcyon

– One of the planets has been terraformed and is kinder to human life – other hasn’t and is more dangerous
– Many opportunities for double crossing
– 3 flaws at once or 5 on higher difficulties
o Can be fear of heights
o Afraid of the dark
o Fire
– A lot of the map is opened up right after you get your ship, so you don’t have to follow the story immediately,
o Places to go and loot
o Outer Worlds isn’t one massive contiguous world like today’s open world games, but from what I’ve seen, that’s a good thing.
o A lot of the map is opened up right after you get your ship, so you don’t have to follow the story immediately
o There are points of no return, but we like to keep your options open for as long as possible.”
– Enemies scale with level to extent – difficult places
– First person only, but full character creator
– No companion inventory
o May leave if they hate decision you make
o Have special attacks, but can equip whatever weapons we’d like
– No hacking or lockpicking minigame, based on skill
– 6 skills: strength, intelligence
o For each 20 points (up to 100) you gain a perk
– Lots of chems

– Old-west slang
– Distrust people of other companies
o Spacer’s choice dislike Auntie Cleo
– Spacer’s brand makes everything but cheap
o Auntie cleo mostly food and chem
– Science, medical, and engineering skills, gunmanship, melee
o Shrink ray reduced HP and damage – person gets high sequaky voice
o More you build into a skill the more perks you get from it
o Stealth – 20 points get stealth attack bonus
– 2 companions at a time
o Each has 3 skills they’re good at
o Companions level with you
 Pick persk for them too

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The God of War says:

the outer worlds….. step up your engine Obsidian , this game is no more worthy than 20 bucks

Matt Walsh says:

Looks like a great game!! like a Mass Effect/Fallout

Jk Gaming says:

I’m getting bioshock vibes


With this and Cyberpunk2077 coming out in the near future, does Starfield stand a chance?

Strawberry Deathcakes says:

wonder if we can switch it to third person too? kinda miss that feature too

Androth says:

on the question of “open world” it’s probably like the kotor games, where there are isolated open levels (eg: each planet) splattered with a bunch of ‘dungeon’ areas. i don’t mind this really as it lets you get to the action faster instead of running around for hours. the trade-off will be less environment exploration. not sad to see the mini-games gone.

Verde says:

10:15 Yeah, right. Like in Fallout 2 you were literally being called “The Chosen One” AND was sent on a mission to save your village and ultimately, the world.

Renan Dutra says:

Already gave my soul for New Vegas. Now I must get it back and give by this one.

the CTCS says:

fallout 76 got nuke by the outer world

Zangdoodle says:

I can’t believe people believe hype. I trust CD Prokekt and Obsidian with there own respective games but I will never understand Bethesda fanboys or people who pre-order in general. This game looks like its finally worth my money when I decide to play it.

StraightupGamer says:

ahhh this game looks SO awesome dudee!

isiah Smith says:

The numbers next to the lies In the dialogue options I belive is the chance they will belive the lie the first lie they belive but it gets harder to convince them the more you use.

BlkQueenK says:

I’m so pumped for this

Uncompletedrecall says:

Looks awesome.

Tls321 says:

All that’s missing is a space radio..

Le Toucanator says:

I. Want. It.

Yo Bro says:

I still look forward to the game metro Exodus

Soulware3D says:

dethawed lol

Dimensional Whale says:

this is 1000% fallout 5 with a different name and ui

KynasMalala says:

Love that they’re adding flaws to an rpg

Lucas bentley says:

I hope it has a small open world that’s extremely detailed

Kristoffer Constuble says:

this seems to me like everything great Mass Effect 2 mashes with everything great in New Vegas.

Verde says:

After Pillars of Eternity II turning out to be a hot mess I’m skeptical of Obsidian’s next title, it honestly doesn’t look that interesting or deep SO FAR.

Movie Idiots says:

Bitcoin has gone under CRYPTO-SLEEP lately…

Eugenia Zhunina says:

all those things would make more sence to you if you had played others obsidian games. like pillars of eterniry. the followers and dialog systems are pretty much the same from game to game.

Paulo Paulo says:

So we all agree this is the REAL fallout 76 right?

GamesTricker says:

No Romance Huh? Just Give Modders Time, They will be able to made this Most Romantic game ever.


It looks a bit lifeless to me.

Madam Meouff says:

hmmm. Not so sure about the flaws system. I mean imagine you are playing as a pyromaniac character who suddenly gains a fear of fire, or a beastmaster who becomes scared of animals, that would not make sense.

Tyler Tenebrae says:

Now I’m skeptical.

The Konduit says:

Space capitalism

TuningAnApple says:

I think in addition to the “dumb” speech option, I think I’d have fun with one labeled “edgelord”.

Ellis Roundy says:

I would venture to guess that “discovering” a fast travel location may be different from unlocking the ability to fast travel to the location. Discovering it may just mean that you know where it is on the map.

That Dude Called Max says:

The gunplay and the damage counter looks EXTREMELY like Destiny. Is it just me?
The GUI, all together, looks like one of those cheaply made free to play chinese games. Just my personal opinion. Hope they change it before release.
But I’d like the ‘GUI Color Change’ to come back as a setting for their games.

Francois Dupont says:

looks like a cheap F2P MMORPG

Sarik Rana says:

Silent protagonist = No buy.

Apex says:

Thank God for obsidian, hopefully Microsoft just let them do their thing and we could have some fantastic games coming out soon

rodo says:

Bethesda gameplay formula mostly consists of predatory instincts: kill, grab and celebrate. Although, I must admit this game at least seems to have some proper RPG mechanics. But with so much emphasis on NPC characters, could not they make decent facial animations?

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