THE INQUISITION!? – Space Hulk Tactics Gameplay #2

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MrFMVS says:

Nice game. Seems polished, great graphics and the voice acting and dialogue are immersive.

A. Ahmou says:

70% and three shots… You get the repetition of the same event three times with a 70% chance of success for 3 independent events, and you need only one shot to succeed, thus:
S=1- (1- 7/10)^3 = 97,3% chance to win or simply 2,7% chance to lose but I doubt the RNG works that way, there is no other way to explain this probabilistic highly unlikely event happening.

Important Edit: thank you for the correction guys, we get 2 bolters with 30% chance and the heavy one with the 70%, events still independent, one shot to win, we have now:
S= 7/10+(3/10)^2+(3/10)^2×7/10= 85.3% chance of success leaving up about 14.7% chance to miss all the shots.

OU14SHOG duce says:

Already liked the video.

MrBollox79 says:

Like like like like ;-).

Holographic Wombat says:


jax lutton says:

Please keep this going! This series is amazing so far

KungFuChef says:

hey, aren’t SM terminators supposed to have free shots on genestealers and doors when they move? Why didn’t I see any of that in this game?

Grumpy Furball says:

And you have one HP, and YOU have one HP. Everybody has one HP!

az03511 says:

Splat post? Auto-like

Ashen Wanderer says:

You gonna continue mechanicus

Warmaster Ahriman says:

The blood in those vials is not of Sanguinius- at least, not the actual blood. Every Blood Angel has a very small drop of Sanguinius’ blood in them. As it stands now, there are only three places with which the purest and undiluted of Sanguinius’ blood is kept: the death mask of Dante, the Red Chalice itself, and drops of it upon the last feather of Sanguinius, held eternally in stasis.

Captain Shark says:

Ahhh just like the old times.

Parsee Mizuhashi says:

the funniest part of the first episode was the intro where they said “of which the most horrific ones are the genestealers”….i highly doubt that they are the worst the nids can throw at you but i guess a carnifex is or a broodlord is too big for a spacehulk

MrBollox79 says:

the thing that always annoyed me about Space Hulk – why wear the armor other than protection from atmosphere etc… if per the rules they don’t even get a save in T-armor then why wear it… I get it the Genestealers are supposed to be badasses in melee… but I think a middle of the road approach is better per the lore/fluff and for better play keep the genestealers deadly in melee, but give the armor some buff or at least give the Terminator 2 HP or armor saves or something – also these guys are the elite of the elite – they should be able to put up a fight against the aliens… one on one the Terminator should win… but when you get over run you are screwed etc. Genestealers have numbers and movement on their side – the Space Marines should have a bit more in defense and/or just toughness. Think in lore terms – if the elite of the elite of the Space Marines die that quickly in a Space Hulk – there wouldn’t be any left after the first couple they tried to enter hah ;-p.

King killer24 says:

Yes we are going OG splatting

Otaku-Sama says:

I REALLY hope you are going to play until the end… I don’t think I have seen you finish one of these.

Draconian Methods says:

Nice to see you playing a favorite.

Doom Jester says:

To think this was the game, well the first Spacehulk on pc…kinda, that brought me to your channel. There I was trying to decide if I wanted to buy it and I thought I just needed to look up gameplay and there I was…

Milbarg _247 says:

You have to play genestealers in order to find out what happened to the smurfs

Cryptic Logic says:

Because no one expects the inquisition

Haarba1 says:

What’s the point of heavy armor is Genestealer can one-bite you? Just to carry heavy weapon?

weldjames says:

i think the genestealer ai was a little passive it had this huge amount of genestealers and just let you win by sitting in the corners playing tic tac toe

Jordan Trudeau says:

Have you played space hulk: deathwing?

GamerSpecks says:

damn missed by 9 mins hahah

1gnorantlizard says:


SpectreGrimm says:

Splatty, in the squad management, you were only looking at the cards tab. There are two other tabs, also don’t forget one of your guys got a new weapon to equip so it might be a good idea to check the weapon tab on the second guy (if counting left to right on your roster) and see if he can have the chainsword as well as his crappy bolter 😛

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