THE GHOST REAPER – Stealth Spaceship (Fractured Space Gameplay)

THE GHOST REAPER – Stealth Spaceship (Fractured Space Gameplay)

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Raven Craft says:

You should try the overseer

LewisSam124 says:

Just gained a sub! Nice videos Sir!

Watch the Gamer says:

More pls

Semir Ajanovic says:

broski why did u stop playing this game?

Sleipnir Odin says:

Hey Phly’! I actualy would love to see you in more beauty from fractured space! Thank you.

kevis hollins says:

just downloaded this, tried to play with War Thunder controls…
then remapped to WT controls

david lawler says:

This game is awesome. Been playing it for a week

xxxxCronoxxxx says:

what is the graphic card load like compared to world of warships?

Jello Repani says:

I can kill ghosts with Watchman from afar but once they cloak and gets close… well… I just died.

Luceron Yothwa says:

I got 10,000 damage in one shot with the watchmen once 😛

TheSpyHat says:

USR – Unites Soviet Russia :/ Unites Space research lol

Koey2100 says:

more pls

friggen666 says:

I love this game the only thing that bothers me is that you cant just turn your ship vertically :/ i mean its space for christ sakes… but i get why they dont allow it. Anyone else agrees ?

ncode03 says:

Got this game off steam because of 1st video go me hooked, “Failed to start- Invalid platform”:(

Michael Turner-Smith says:

Yeah…. more of this shit. This is great!

kahdeem suliaman says:

Hey PhlyDaily so i downloaded the game but every time i try and play it there is just a black screen what do i do? ps love your videos and content

btl1994 says:

I recommend the overseer, it’s a very good attacking support ship.

Matthew Rawlings says:

United Soviet Russia? Really Phy? Well this video is at least quite amusing in the realm of watching someone who really enjoys this great (and it is great) game who just doesn’t have any idea of what is going on. 😀

Arek Borowski says:

i love ghost, but its the hardest ship to play in game IMO. im playing it different way than you do, at low levels ghost suck balls in fights so i ninja capture enemy mines, i fight only after 3rd level because in early game you do more good with capturing mines than doing dmg every ~18sec.

Karl Dean Alegre says:

i started playing fractured space because i saw the first video… keep posting more vids

TripFire says:

Okay just remember that the ghost can stay cloaked permanently, if you do not move while cloaked you’ll regenergy

Jiraiya Sensei says:

Phly please can u play dreadnaught its a game similar to fractured space?
can u try it and give us a small review of the difference between the 2 games and which one is better.?

KaiKer says:

Nice energy dude, welcome to Frac

Hyun Goo Hwang says:

wow that escape at first

Maximized_T says:

Lol, phly’s brain fart at 23:25! XD

Gavin Heil says:

Phly if you stand still while you are cloaked you will recharge you energy

BullsDeep says:

14:23 next time you do that

Sonny Knutson says:

I just want to let you know that your intro music always gets me SO HYPED! <3

Chandler Lambert says:

Phly you should play X rebirth it has great graphics, you can build ships space stations and even build a fleet of ships

Manuel grassi says:

this ship remembers me an episode of star wars clone wars where anakin pilots a cloaquing ship with missiles like the ghost

CasMullac says:

A great game, got it way back when. Glad it’s getting some publicity as I feel it is somewhat under appreciated.

I have always though it could take a leaf out of other MOBA books and have anouther game mode. Have the lanes longer so it would promote a bit more tactical thinking and have creeps. The creeps could be cruiser type vessels (bigger than fighter but smaller than our big capitals) and path between the mining stations. The mining stations could have destructible defences similar to the home base so they are a threat to the player.

Infinity says:

nice play! i wouldn’t use the PDs though. they do almost no damage and use up a lot of valuable energy

Stratikah Gaming says:

Ur awesome! 🙂

TheDeaconErudite says:

Plasma rockets are objectively better, assuming you can consistently close to within 8,000m or your target. The burn also helps you more or less cancel out other stealth vessels.

Eric Heng says:


Nicholas Vaters says:

downloading it, hope my pc runs it well. I’ll give it a week, if no go then uninstall. same way war thunder went. star conflict runs good, war thunder was too dammed laggy even on minimal settings. might give it another go some time if I get the space for it.

jeremy Herobrine says:

why don’t try star conflict from gaijin ?
you allready try crossout and war thunder

peppi pepp says:

capable man 🙂

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