THE FLERB GO TO SPACE! Spore Gameplay E17

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Fross Fairy says:

Nailed it, aced it, FLERBIDERP!
Great video!

Archelaus says:

I’m really loving this series, Its such a great way to end the day for me. Thanks for the great work!

Olji Boii says:

Earth is in spore

Thiran Of Erebor says:


Mason Bush says:

Dude stop deleting your fortnite vids its so damn annoying

Elone 1 tweet says:

Hey slp1g8r tame a fish

nathan walton says:

peep! peep! peep!

Mr. EnderDragon says:

Star Flerb

Orphan Generator says:

Please get the planet buster weapon, it is the epitome of flerb domination! It blows up a whole planet!!!

Kevin Workman says:

Awesome video, are you finished with ark

FourthRain says:

Sl1p PLEASE play moar of this! I can’t get enough of it, whether it be the silly yet fun game or the silly yet fun person playing it!

JurassicKing says:

Would love to see you play it

Grandpa C says:

I thought you could be come the epic flerb if you played the creature stage long enough

JD Sutho says:

play Ylands as multi player with beef, pause and keralis

Tripalink vlogs says:

The new ark dlc is out

default 0 says:

hahaha i think i didn’t really hear anything past “you can tell he’s lying when his mouth is open”.

Plasma Struck says:

Just saying if you go to the right spot you can find other saves which means that if you still have the old save or the other flerb you can meet them.

outback pies says:

No ark from slip in a week and I feel like I’m losing my mind

JurassicKing says:

Sl1p you need to try out the new aberration for ark looks ba af

UPdate - Your No.1 Source For Update News says:

Fantastic video as always! Really wish there was a new game like this out now! Keep it up!

L 97 says:

Maybe you should take a look at the spore wiki.
It’s pretty good and helpful.

Nabil Mdnoor says:

play new ark please

Amelia Driscoll says:

Supposedly you should be able to find earth, its just harder to do than go to the center of the galaxy as its in one of the arms of said galaxy, needle in a starry haystack.

Charlie Bixler says:

Should have called it the UFlerbO

ImhotepLP says:

Game was released a decade ago, and is still better than No Man’s Sky.

BaileyRaptor says:

ARK ABERRATION dropped today! I hope you plan to take a look, Sl1p! 😀 I’m having a ball playing on PS4. My favorite new creature is the Bulbdog!

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