Tanki Online MAGNUM in SPACE MODE Gameplay

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Banana THE GREAT says:

heey i am there in this video damm name lucky23 i am the boomm

renan santana says:

claudio manda convite pro nick: [nanzinho_the_best] ele e seu fan ele e fanatico pro vc

Railgun XT says:

I played space mode in Parkour did not go so well …

King B says:

The best skills ever 🙂 like from baha <3

TankiOnline-skillforkill11 says:

im the isida + viking + charry Guys Please subscribe for me
+ Good Video Bro ! <3

Danielnavarro3 says:

Mch mch mch mch mch mch mch??

awesome_ sniper says:

You really have to stop saying “lol” as a word cause it gets so cringe when you do.

Miccs says:

Everyone take a shot every time Claudiu says lol

Gelloween TO says:

i had to dislike bc baha said it 🙂

plesd says:

vei face un clip in romana ?

BEAST_XD says:

lol funniest tanki youtuber

Darkness shall rise says:

39k subs and 39 kills.
Hmm what are the chances?

kai red go says:

I am your biggest fan claudiu

Jerry Garza says:

Please keep trolling Crazy with the “suck my dicks.” Very enjoyable lol.

gamerbrothersHD says:

world record for saying lol in a 12 miniute video 😀

Hilde Bos says:

You think it’s cool to use ‘facking’ in every sentence?

Ahmed Boussaidi says:

how can i drop gold box

Mrbro Gaming says:


Gamer Bros . Inc says:

atlast I featured in claudiu’s video:DD

l3EAST_TO says:

Illuminati confirmed.

Isida_786 says:

You guys keep saying “LOL” 🙂 Nice videos

Game Survey says:

I bet 90 golds with you that you *will* reach 50k subs within the next 5 years:)

david smith says:

like pro <3

mohammed95s says:

Magnum is great for parkour!

jaimy TM says:

You’re good at space mode with magnum so go on

Rami673 [rameman] says:

Claudiu remember me? im the Guy who helped u get a goldbox in polgon

Rytis Zaidzia says:

Ciuju tu noob’as

Excell _The_Pro says:

I just want to know how many people love Claudiu. No Homo.

Like this comment=Love Claudiu
Dislike =Hate Claudiu

Jason The Wolf says:

one again, an amazing video

Sathishkumar Nadigatla says:

they say lol alot lol

xGuardian says:

Nice 🙂

Isida_786 says:

Talk louder Claudiu ! 🙂 Love your videos, I am Isida_786 BTW your friend!

Devin Ponce says:

i heard order to start getting money off of yt u need 100.k view is that true??

Slovenija To says:

:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you got 39k subs!?? omg

Andrew tanki_gaming says:

these Muslims weird they laugh at things that are not even funny

Spoon says:

Loved it.
Like 🙂

Service says:

epic Like

78190-facebook78 Tanki Online says:

wait Claudiu it’s soon. and Nice video bro continue your channel.

xXx_mohamed _dz_xXx says:

nice gg

D4VID LIU says:

K_M_K is my friend, loool

Mrbro Gaming says:

10:01 hahahhahahaha

Crystalian 9000 says:

Claudiu be like : looooohl we caped a flag looohl i died loooohl i joined a game LOOOOOOOOOOOHL a gold box just droped ima get this one (gets flipped and someone else takes the gold) eghh i didin´t want the gold anyways….

OUFA says:

Nice 😀

flash player says:

That was amazing video bro and nice video btw congrats for 39k subs

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