TAKING THE GIANT SPACE WORM BACK TO EARTH – Amazing Frog Gameplay (New Amazing Frog Update)

Can we get the Giant Space Worm back to Earth?! Amazing Frog is back with a new Christmas update, with balloon jetpack, giant toilet, giant frog status on the moon and much more! Amazing Frog always entertains with secrets and puzzles.This is a family friendly gameplay.

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Download The Amazing Frog? Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/332570/Amazing_Frog/

About The Amazing Frog? Game:
Amazing Frog? is a Hardcore Parkour openworld buffet of bonkers physics sandbox gameplay.
Welcome to the town of Swindon, UK. Home to flatulant super hero, Amazing Frog?
The Hideout
Start in hideout, play on your own or split screen with your friends
Enter Swindon where you can drive cars, buses and mobility scooters, jump on trampolines, fire yourself out of cannons, into explosions, search for trophies and Tvs and reach the heights and a whole lot more. Its your Swindon do as you please.

Swindon Local Attractions
Take a quiet trip to the Swindon fArt Gallery if it pleases you…. Feeling aggressive ? find a crossbow, machine gun or laser and shoot the hell out of each other. Visit the Fart Gyms for a workout or discover the Zombie filled underground Sewers.

Plan your escape of Swindon to explore Greater SwindonShire (a 20KM island) where you can go offloading, ride pigs, discover secrets, go for a swim or drive boat in the surrounding Ocean and Lakes

INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC: Fall into My Arms – Glitz at the Ritz 2 from EpidemicSound.com


Parker Kane says:

At 20:29 pause it and you will see something weird in the background

panji kusuma says:


tigerclawz gaming says:

Can you make the red megalodon , the original megalodon and the g. Space worm fight

Filip Aksoy says:

You can get the grapling hoock crom the giant satelate

Badpiggy 88 says:

Flush the sand worm

Ali Fayaz says:


JerrenTheGamer says:


Yahya Khan says:

U can wear gas tank as jetpack

Toon Link says:

the part when you accidentaly grapled yourself into the moon worm’s mouth scrade me. but i laugthed.

Peace On Earth says:

Fynn I love your vids soooo much and it’s so cool that your friends with Mattshea!!!! It would make my day if you reply to this!!! I’m currently going through a really tough time.(due to our water pipes bursting and we have most of our stuff ruined AND as if that’s not enough we have to move out of our house because we have to get our floors redone.

Melanie Breedy says:


puggy boss says:

hi fyn im 30th

Jake and Matt Playz says:

The ufo is up in space over all little space stations

Sam_ 21_02 says:

3rd. Hi fynn

Hayden Paul says:


oliver unwin says:

make the giant frog statue have mustache with the giant space worm

SupremeJade says:

7:15 isn’t that an actual book?

Chicken Noodle Soup Kid Safe says:

can you please stop saying the D word in your video’s? or are you just saying dang? i cant really tell with the accent but it sounds like the d word.

the game project says:

fynnpire I am your newest fan

Pontep Ford-King says:


Richard Daniot says:

Can you do put the giant worm from the moon then to then earth and put it in the magic toilet

Mister Badger says:

13:53 Amazing frog? Haven’t heard that name in years.

click bait says:

If you go to space without a suit you will still Die Even If you are wearing A helmet because in space there is no air so there is no pressure on your body so your body will
Just putting it out there

Tara Pitre says:


Squashy Burger Smash says:


Ali Fayaz says:


Mikelol09 says:

Morning Fynn!!!

Sting Flores says:

I havent sub yet but i sub right now

Ramesh Baichan says:

hi fin I’m 23rd

Smashin' Smasher says:

Flush it!

Brandy Aprill says:

Maybe the cookie is poisonous and the pig skeleton ate it in frog mouth

cring king says:

You should flush the worm in the toilet

Alex Pie says:

Frog:all hail master fynnpire

flor tesolin says:

sorry I have not ben waching your vidos laly it because my dad is not feeling well his legs are so week he could full at any time

Master Assassin says:

Hi fynn, can you play more sea of thieves with your friend.

stephen vincent says:

Congrats on 100K subs!!!!

Singham Cheng says:

Giant shark vs giant space worm

Stan Cal says:

Get eaten by the space worm then respawn toilet and see what happens

Pufferfish Planet says:

The code does not work. You have to flush it down the toilet

Trevor Mahaney says:

the space antenna is from star wars

Toon Link says:

also this game is a lot like goat simulator

Jonathan Ehn says:

Why did you say “A book let’s throw it away.” That is Pungance’s book

Paul Rance says:

Fynnpire you can order the book on amazon

Riyyan anaqi says:

Love your Vids

Jim Sheldon says:


Huyền Trần says:

Seccond !!!!!!!!

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