STUPID BOSS FIGHT!! Dead Space Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4

Welcome to my first playthrough of Dead Space on the Xbox One backwards compatible. In this stream I will be covering the full Dead Space game and show the ending.

What is Dead Space?
Dead Space is a science fiction survival horror video game developed by EA Redwood Shores (now Visceral Games) for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game was released on all platforms through October 2008. The game puts the player in control of an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who battles the Necromorphs, monstrous reanimated human corpses, aboard an interstellar mining ship, the USG Ishimura.


JunYang1 says:

wait till suzy meet the twitchers

JunYang1 says:

suzy wins the award for having no health and no ammo on a first playthrough of dead space 1 🙂

The Walkingdeadfan says:

where is part 5

starchaser m says:

i was watching part 3 and i missed part 4 live dammit

Lukáš Mičík says:

Damnit I missed it again 🙁

Andy_G says:

I know this surely has been asked before, but could you do a walkthrough of prey? Kind regards 😉

Dave Hirons says:

91K 🙂

Kevin PR 19 says:

dead space is hard as hell and you shouldnt trust anything.

MegaChris213 says:

Suzy your doing fine. beginning of the video. try fighting that monster on Impossible Mode lol. Loving the videos on dead space your doing.  Much Love Suzy, happy gaming

amazoner0cks says:

26:07 Suzy, instead of running from the enemies the whole area after you could have bought the Line Gun and smashed their asses, that’s why the Line Gun is made for “Crowd of enemies”.

They kept providing you with the Line Gun ammo but you refused to take them, at least take and save them so once you buy you’ll have a plenty of ammo to use and enjoy it.

Marcos Da Silva Ferreira says:

Part 5 :3 🙂

Rick Carr says:

I love my new profile pic ;). Love you Suzy

Miguel Rojas Jr says:

suzy could you please upgrade your Rig. It gives you more health and oxygen

JRH says:

If you are having ammo shortages, move the pulse rifle into storage until later in the game when it is upgraded (you will stop receiving as much ammo for it this way), it is a ‘very’ greedy gun and costs more ammo than the others. The ripper is a cool weapon if once you learn how to use it, you get more blades than you need and the spares sell for a decent price!

Charlie-Roc says:

Suzy you is a true gangsta. There are scenes in this game that scared all the fluids out of my body that you didn’t even flinch at. I dub thee a triple O.G.

fantasyguy86 says:

Finally you used kinesis to get ammo, was waiting for it the whole time. You can also use it on an dead necromorph to get it’s arm and then shoot it as a projectile on another enemy. And also, get the Line Gun which is the best weapon in the game imo.

Logic Lunacy says:

The satellite puzzle always confused the hell out of me.

Andrew Poulsen says:

About an hour and fifty in “woooow! actually learning about the game?” proceeds to leave 3 unopened boxes on the wall right next to her.

OsamaBinObama says:

too bad too many people complained about a scary game being too scary so every game after first dead space became more and more action and less slow atmospheric sequences

Ohem1 says:

“Don’t like being in open spaces” Agoraphobia?

King Rael says:

you went back!!! nothing wrong with that though!!! one of my best horror games til this day….

Niklaus Starkaryen says:

What happened on 1:16:29 ? Did you die or something. I missed the live 🙁

frsit lets says:

notification squad were u at?

frsit lets says:

looks like i am am the 499999999999th viweer

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