STARFIGHTER ASSAULT OVERVIEW – Star Wars Battlefront II Space Battles Gameplay

Get your first glimpse of Starfighter Assault gameplay in Star Wars Battlefront II including fighter classes, hero ships and capital ships!
This video was made in cooperation with EA.

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Outro animation by David Allan


JediFrog says:

We get 2 prequel ships?!?! AWESOME!!! ;P

MCAndex says:

Id like to land in the hangar

VTEC Smart Car says:

why is there no health bar so u dont know when your gonna die

Toool says:

Sounds like rush from Battlefield

Aj says:

I want to know is do the ships handle differently than in BF1? I don’t really like the feel of it in the first game so I hope they are more maneuverable in this. The look better in this so I’m hoping it is better

nano3174 says:

i feel like the match they showed was too short, like they wanted to get it out of the way

Lakeside Raptor says:

To bad we can’t go inside the ships and get out, destroy it from the inside

Jar Jar Slayer says:

I am so happy that they added seismic charges to slave1. Love the sound of them (or lack of haha)

Alex Harris says:

Is that the only game you played if so games com just made a mistake

Manuel espinosa says:

Who thinks having control of a star destoryer or any larger capital ship is a GREAT idea?

Dylan Murphy says:

Will you be doing an overview on infantry and hero ship abilities?

My Star wars says:

Ot looks similar to the force awakens lego game

JustyChaos Battlefront says:

Thanks for this. After waiting to watch the stream for so long it just jumped around so much you couldn’t really see anything properly!

DeVine says:

I think that it sounds pretty boring

Admiral TNT says:

This is awesome! The cinematic are cool, the objectives are strong, and the side objectives make the game more fun! Just one question though, what’s with the Rebel announcer voice?

TrapingAckbar 7 says:

Question 1 will there be more content later in the live stream
Question 2 who is the rebel announcer
Question 3 will there be more content from other eras

Leo Joël Schaa says:

It was so funny how you managed to escape these three bombers as the Millennium Falcon. But sadly they have finally destroyed you…

apanda02 says:

not sure about the rebel and imperial voices

My Star wars says:

Look at the graphics!

Jmoss7 says:

Why couldn’t they just show an epic battle with starfighters and ground troops on Kamino…. This mode looks all right but if you can’t go inside hangars, I’m probably not going to play it

Jordi Tsulukidze says:

This looks so good

A skeleton With a top hat says:

Looks really fun.

SUPERSTORM owen says:

The gameplay shown was awesome but the amount they showed as so little sadly

Master Power says:

So cool!!

mohamed abdulle says:

Looks good!

tupe 12 says:

if only more gameplay from the trailer

Adamantium Pandas says:

This is better than the actual stream

TheGraniteDuck says:

When does it start and where?

deji olagiday says:

Seizmic charge at 3:08?

Cjdubs says:

They should make a reinforcement class for space battles with B-Wings and Tie Defenders, they would be stronger than the normal ships and cost 500 battle points.

Luc Hessing says:

I am so happy they took the seismic charge sound for the Slave I from episode II. That sound is satisfying af…

Holefek ' says:

3:07 omfg yes!!! that was the best thing from that movie

Phasmix SWBF says:

Am I the only one that’s slightly underwhelmed?

YoungYodaCZ says:

Give us video with your impressions please. How did it felt to fly how much did you enjoy the mode etc… Also am I the only one who feels that the 3rd person camera is way too close to the ships?

Joe Monroy says:

can you exit your ship?

Joshua Fuentes says:

A tiny, yet major thing that they added: They reward the Empire. Think about it! Battle Station from the Death Star DLC, if the rebels won, they got a cutscene, rewarding them for their effort, but if the Empire won? It was just the “Victory” screen, nothing else, there were no “Chasing the Rebels away” cutscenes, no “Executing the uprising” cutscene, nothing, just: “Hey, you played the game, congratulations”. And because of this, winning as the Empire felt… wrong! It felt as if you broke the game and there was nothing to reward you because it just wasn’t suppose to happen! :/

Matrix SWBF says:

Any other reinforcements

Combat Rush Gaming382 says:

It looks awesome. Great gameplay. There’s so much more objectives.

Jedi Polaris23 says:

That was a nice touch with slave one’s jettisoned imploder. Also, that distorted voice telling the rebels to do the objective is Agent Fulcrum, which would make sense if you watch Star Wars Rebels.

Guy who didn't like sand says:

Livestream was so short

Prizoned Shihtzu says:

What’s with the Rebel announcer voice, it’s so weird?

HHWarrior12 says:

No more at gamescom??

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