StarCrawlers Gameplay – Legend of Grimrock in Space! Final Release!

Starcrawlers Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Starcrawlers and check out a sweet little dungeon crawler set in a futuristic spacecraft salvaging future!

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Nightshade1212525 says:

Picked this up a couple weeks ago myself; haven’t had time to play it much, but it doesn’t seem bad.

amindofiron says:

This is pretty awesome. I hope you play some more.

HardWarUK says:

A “cockpit” come from what think think it would. It’s where, for 1,000 years cockrels were put in pits to fight, with betting taking place. This pit was made so the cockrels “fought” in a “controlled” way. A cockpit then is where “controlled fighting” takes place.

Nick Crusaire says:

oooo you noticed the classes on the side, i am proud of you splat. other than that im looking forward to more of this if you would be so kind 😀

zach kapsh says:

Plz more

Matthew Whelan says:

just wondering how many people watching this have thought ‘poo’ thats my card number when Splat opened the locker!

wyatt berg says:


Mild Fracas says:

Looks like a lot of fun… I totally want more.

Codemaster28 says:

Love this game and your videos my dude

Vashnar says:

Play more please!!

manyfails says:

there are still things NYI

AlcoholAndLAG says:

Twisted fingers with this kid, lol your jokes never fail to make me laugh splatt

Santos Flores says:


Maxsdffgdsrgdsfg says:

I like this. Please 1 more episode.

Blindmansworld says:

Been following this game for a long time now. It has been great for quite some time now. Glad to see that it is finished and you were able to experience it. Love me some grid based sci-fi goodness. Your channel is really good man. Keep it up.

Francis Boylan says:

This game looks awesome.

Andrew Thompson says:

Cockpit originally comes from cockfighting, literally a pit for cocks – it transferred to the navy in the 18th century as the guy who steered the ship was the coxswain, so his room was known in navy slang as the cockpit.

Abraham Szekely says:

Full playthru plz!!!!!!!!

HardWarUK says:

“boy runs past you and drops an item”. Player then look in front of him, rather than turning around and checking behind him – where the boy was…! Text is hard, I know.

Jeffrey Nolet says:

Can we get some more of this?!?!

Erik Blackboar says:

Oh man! This is awesome. I love how you interact with the enviroment, picking stuff of the shelves and such! I love the bigger RPG aspect, having NPC’s, compared to other crawlers, but honestly popping into combat screen is offputting for me, instead of fighting in enviroment.

Joseph Rose says:

Splattercatgaming there is a grimrock 2 plz play it

Paul Johnston says:

Stream this please!

SSGTkain1 says:

so much for that rat XD

EpicDwarfStench says:


Jakub Jabłoński says:

Don’t mess in my locker !!!

NeoXtheXbio says:

I just noticed the 400k subs, not sure if that was there for long but congrats!

entity447b says:

I spy the good old bartender-with-a-robot-arm trope… Not that I’m complaining, it’s great

Clean Living says:

I always kinda want these tile based dungeon crawlers to just be free form. Sometimes the game isn’t improved

Myrdin says:

Cool game. Has that Shadowrun wibe with a little hint of Alien thrown into the mix.
Another episode would be cool Splat. Keep em coming.

just4yutube says:


countessalicetepes says:

dont know what your talking about title screens are my jam

Laymon Phelps says:

Really like this game. Splat please morw

knoxiousification says:

Comment for comment’s sake.

Jerald Andry III says:


Sten TheSkunk says:

I’m amazed no one has pointed out Boba Fett and IG-88 in the background of the bar.

Jolly Jester says:

So it’s a sort of hybrid between Dungeon Crawler and Turn-Based RPG? Interesting…I approve of this!

Benjamin Johnson says:

in called a cockpit because it contains the joystick. and cocky dicks go to wangjagal thought the sky

marcuspinson says:

post moar of this!

Jrok says:

more of this game please Splat

JTMC93 says:

Hehehehe DL-45 Blaster.

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