Starbound 1.0 – #11 – Space Farming! (4 Player Starbound Gameplay)

Jas and Ash have built a massive farm! With a cute cow and chicken!
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Mr TwinkiePie says:


Esti Ordorica says:

more trappers belight

Alternate Legacy says:

Quick question: will scrap mechanic ever come back?

Sondre Moen says:

when will rik stream?

FantasyMonster StumptFan says:

I love this game! Please keep on making outstanding content for your outstanding channels! You’re the best! #StumptArmy #StumptIndustries #TeamPancake

ShadowGolem86 says:

Get Adaptive Crossbows.
And start using climbing rope. It’s made out of plant fibers and is as good as a grappling hook unless hooks were changed since the last time I played.

Ze Great Pumpkinani says:

I beat dreadwing with level 2 armor bandages and a sniper rifle

Tyler Barnes says:

How did u do m.p.

Radosław Petkowski says:

guyus if you wanna leagaly upgrade yours ships you need teants as crew members when you got two than comes first licence nad upgrade.

Farhaan Majid says:

I’m never this early

Bryan G says:

if you walk to left for dread wing and break the spikes there is a spot where you can shoot him with guns and he can shoot you if you crouch

Duckimoki Dunki says:

Space = space Kappa
SeemsGood NotLikeThis

Hudra says:


Bryce baldpapa says:

Ash you guys skipped so much stuff when I saw what happened I wondered if I forgot to watch an episode or two

Stryder The meme lord of Weirdness says:

I love that the on-screen annotations work on IPhone

Coombesy Plays says:

Also wear 2 sets of armour at the same time and you get the bonus of both armours as well as your energy going down much slower.

none of your business Nope!! says:

watchu doin in mah rum succka?

dylanius aurelius says:

You guys ought to see the moded race i’m using for this game; they’re called the Avali! They’re four eared furry space raptors that love to sing. That, and they have some pretty sophisticated weaponry.

Coombesy Plays says:

Can you no longer hold ctrl to move the screen?

Samuel Keiser says:

Is Riks amour only a helmet or is he wearing a vanity item?

dylanius aurelius says:

also, for every 2 crew members you get, you can upgrade your ship to the next tier.

Chugiakjr The Playwwright says:

I want to play starbound so bad but my computer deletes any characters I make that gets past the mining facillity.

DreamZ says:

6:21- We still love you Price along with your salt <3

dylanius aurelius says:

One last thing: USE ROPE! it’ll help you traverse so much more environment than just your augs. Plus, you might want to get the spider ball augment.

Jesse SerranoJr says:

subscribe to stumpt

Poptartcat says:

Personally as a Novakid player i find you guys racist of your guest

MrDerpGaming says:

I came back to see if you were any better. It is still very hard to watch.

SebastienDark says:


Kibop says:

mah Wang Chung homies

Make pokémon Great again says:


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