Star Wars Battlefront’s Epic Space Combat Gameplay – Gamescom 2015

A look at the skies of the new planet coming to Star Wars Battlefront.


EuanGuiney says:


Aston Dillon says:

whats this shit?

Antony Moore says:

Contender or what!

Krist Mike D'arcy says:


Pc game downloads says:


jason eddie says:

everyones complaining, am just happy ill be able to fly a tie fighter again

ReXo Ecke says:

like battlefront 2

I BURTON I says:

Am I the only one who freaked out when Slave I appeared?

FANATIC PLANET Productions says:

How much do you wanna be that the vehicle controls are going to be shit?

Cheers, Love! says:

Holy shit the haters are real

Jon R says:

Oh cool it’s battlefield with a Star Wars theme pasted over the top of it! You guys ain’t getting my hard earned $60 for this crap NO THANKS!

CastorClasser1716 says:

“space”? there is no space in this star wars game.

Mereel Skirata says:

Look at this osik. I want StarVipers backed up by Pursuer Patrol Ships and Keldabe Class Battleships.

DJ-Blue-J321 says:

Can’t wait

ShadowTrials says:

Star Wars Battlefront’s Epic “Air” Combat Gameplay – Gamescom 2015

Moregasm the Powerful says:

The problem list (feel free to add to it).
1. Sky is not Space, fuckwits.
2. The controls are great, only if you have a joystick.
3. The lag is so overwhelming I feel like I’m younger.

Laphin says:

I totally farted.

Hamza Hassaballa says:

Even though it’s not really “Space Combat” it still is one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen. Especially first person

Mar-Works says:

how is it a space battle in a planetary body?

Nesquick Guy says:

Better than call for money infinite shitware

xoyv says:


as $4.99 dlc map packs with 5 ground battle maps and one space battle per

Rick And Morty says:

You call that a ‘Space Battle’?

G00 berry13 says:

Click bait. There was no space combat at all.

harry dixson says:

Cool, I guess.

Yung Sae says:

This isn’t space combat at all. Talk about false advertisement…

TheFredmeister3000 says:

That’s not space….

Lexman00 says:

I ain’t impressed…

Jia L. says:

Flight controls are absolute dogshit unless you have a joystick.

TheSilverDragon1 says:

This isnt epic or in space.

dillon shane says:

i bet there will be space battles but it will be dlc

TheGreat Gambino says:

Wow, now i’m impressed

silent wolf says:

what!!! that’s not in space yeah the air combats cool but we’re is the space at

Eric Dean says:

Waste your money on this game if you want, I’ll pass on this one.

Bruce Goodchild says:

“thats one hell of a pilot”

Moregasm the Powerful says:

Space is defined as 100km above sea level. This is not.

Shoop DaWhoop says:

IGN using clickbait video title xD its so sad but so funny

ThatVintageGamer says:

Can I get the name of the song playing, I love this track from the movies, but I can’t remember which one it is.

lesbian Duck says:

This may look fun… but remember battlefield 4s jets only mode, boring

DentonXV says:

This is aerial combat. Not space combat.
Battlefront II, a game that came out a decade on a console two previous generations ago, has awesome space combat, and yet this Battlefront does not. How?

maaz322 says:

dog fights

Greenmonty9797 says:

Space combat? Lol this game doesn’t have that

TheTruthIsGonnaHurt says:

Slave 1 shows up, and at that moment Han decided to make himself scarce.

darkmay200 says:

Just letting yall no but there WILL NOT be any SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN

Kalish420 Nakov47 says:

At 1 : 23,,,,,,,, ” that thing is a piece of junk ”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ReXo Ecke says:

that’s the sky I want space like dark galaxy battles

lbnchrist says:

Looks like rouge squadron on GameCube only worst. SMH

Ray Zer says:

SO basically Air Superiority with a Star Wars skin. DICE being lazy again.

alex kep says:

it’s not space. bastard.

deez nutz says:

battlefront 2 space battles were gr8t m8 that’s what we want galatic conquest

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