Star Wars Battlefront 2 Space Battle of Fondor Gameplay – Imperial Shipyard

Starfighter Assault gamemode with NEW starfighters & heroes! Fondor Shipyard Gameplay, Battlefront 2
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Star Wars Battlefront 2 vehicles include: Darth Maul’s Scimitar, Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, Boba Fett’s Slave 1, The Millennium Falcon.

Hurtle between the rooftop Clone Wars of Theed in a speeding starfighter, cut swaths through armies of Clones with Darth Maul, and build your legacy on the battlefield as a skilled Trooper. Your Star Wars fantasies come to life in Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer.

The prequels, original trilogy, and new era meet in an expanded multiplayer experience and galactic-scale space combat. Play iconic heroes that bring distinct abilities to the battlefront – or join the fight in an emotionally-gripping single player story campaign. Your Star Wars hero’s journey has begun.


Marko Zlatkovic says:

Now THIS is real Battlefront !! Looks freaking awesome

Mik Moen says:

The TIE Bomber is that. A BOMBER. Making it be OP against other Fighters is just wrong. It’s a Bomber not an Interceptor.

Joostin Kookel says:

looks pretty boring. no sense of tactics, just another dogfight simulator with a nice backdrop i guess.

SuperJohnPatterson says:

Well haven’t you noticed the shields are still up ?

PierSls008 says:

While it looks good, campers are noobs by nature and those types of gamers don’t know how to play FPS because they’re corrupted by COD. (In short…they lack a brain).

That Jedi says:

this movement gives me headaches

I'm not here says:

God. I had an orgasm watching this shit. I can’t wait.

7Beltane says:

I’m concerned with how much damage the TIE Bomber can take. A lot of people are pointing out that the starfighters fly too slow but I think it’s due to him surviving for so long and not being concerned about being blown up. At one point he takes a beating and starts smoking but he carries on pummeling the light cruisers and his ship eventually repairs itself and is, I assume, at full health. My criticism is not aimed at MassiveGaming it’s only for the TIE Bomber. I know this is pre-alpha and that’s why I’m making this comment, to see if people agree or disagree with me.

leftyfourguns says:

I’m really mad the bombers don’t actually bomb
> :

Jo S. says:

I think the era mixing (darth mauls starfighter in ep. 4-6 era) totally sucks. Its pure BS

Torente32 says:

Im sorry but that looks boring as shit. It sounds and looks amazing but cosmetics dont help make games last. Game mechanics and game modes do. Why cant we still have ships launching from hangers anymore? it looks like you just appear out of nowhere and fight. Why cant we have a game where you not only deploy from hanger bays but also carry over to liberating a world such as taking out a hyperspace inhibitor, then hyperspace to a planet and either liberate or conquer it by destroying the planets defenses and send ground troops to the surface. I know that sounds like a long game but we had that in Battlefield 1 with operations lasting for hours. Take more risks Dice and EA. stop treating star wars games as this could be the one that flops. Putting a title like star wars on any game would sell. Take more risks. This isnt taking risks. Just looks like a pretty version of the first battlefront.

TruculentRuminavi says:

I hereby name this Planet Fondle.

Miguel Rodriguez Montañez says:

El de ps2 batt 2 tiene mas livertad y mas cosas que el de batt 2 de ps4

MrJDG2011 says:

Man this Game looks great- But all I see is hate in the comments.
Star Wars has to have the most annoying fan base ever…

Adrian S-E says:

Boarding RUINED space combat in the original, and the only thing that was fun about it was only the boarding. The point of space combat is to have SPACE combat, not be forced to enter ground combat because boarding was the easiest way to destroy the ship.

ThatSpookyManTV says:

I think this game is too much pew pew pow pow it dont feel like the star wars fantasy

The Johnson says:

Dear EA:



The community

Dan Quadlaser says:

Looks awesome and bland at the same time, gj DICE.

HoboTango says:

Yeah but all this get cancelled by all the Hackers on the PC.

stickginge says:

It’s a minor issue I guess but anyone else notice how EA just can’t be asked to make the game mechanic of flying vehicles taking off you just start off in them. I loved battlefront 2 and seeing the vehicles change as you took off

Cheas Moon says:

I need this game like right now

Ian Lomnski says:

I hate how they combined the timelines in a way that doesn’t make any sense…

Michael Ramos says:

This is what should’ve been in the last game!

Chris Papadopuniger says:

I wanna see Vader vs Rey, who gives a shit about continuity.

Gav Dothie says:

Is there no cooldown on picking hero ships/characters? Seems a little unfair if you can die as a hero then immediately respawn as the same one… it doesn’t give your allies a fair chance to pick them

BradhasIssues says:

The only problem I have is that you can use Poe’s Xwing and Darth Mauls ship in this time period. I don’t like that. I mean it’s kinda cool to be able to access any hero ship in anytime period but I think they should keep it authentic and correct to the time period.

Peter Parker says:

I’m just hoping they make different modes for this, like a simulator mode in war thunder.

MassiveG says:

Outside of the TIE Bomber, Darth Maul’s SITH INFILTRATOR was BY FAR the deadliest ship in this build of the game.
Here’s some detailed (and epic) gameplay of Scimitar:

Alexander Coleman says:

⏭ to 3:40 for no annoying commentary

LETRO says:


Judge_Ed says:

Are people really complaining about mixing characters from different eras!? It’s a goddamn game. Chill the fuck out.

ApexApocalypse says:

Is Darth Mauls voice the same one from Clone Wars?

rainbow Warrior22 says:

Now this is going to be a awesome game

Wickedy Witch says:

First person flying looks cool! I wonder if I will be able to plug in my Joystick too for this game. Anyone knows?

SuperGamer says:

I feel like i’m ACTUALLY WATCHING a Star Wars movie. 😀

David Buckley says:

wish people stop showing this stuff how we going enjoy the game when we seen it

Martis Endrell says:

This is where judging a game on graphics and not game play gets us.

Christian Quiles says:

Darth Maul’s ship: *blows up*
Darth Maul’s Ghost: “I refuse to accept this!”

MintPython 890 says:

Honestly looks like the last Battlefront

Cee Jay says:

Almost 4 mins of bullshit nonsense talking. Shut the fuck up next time. Your voice is annoying as hell

Patrick Matthews says:

It just looks too slow. Rogue Squadron had it right. Take note EA!

Orion Sagano says:

OMG…OMG I cant park my Tie fighter in the enemy’s hanger, and blow up all the enemy ships with time bombs and spawn kill the enemy pilots!?!?!?!? Omg disliked and flagged for dumb video. Guys, c’mon just be happy we have another star wars game, please!!! Because Im happeh ;D

Utmostseeker 834 says:

If they aren’t gonna add boarding ships then at least make a ground to space game mode.

Mustard Gaming says:

Can’t wait to play this at 1080p 144fps

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