Star Wars Battlefront 2 – NEW SPACE BATTLES Gameplay! ARC-170, Kylo Ren, Yoda Starfighters!

We have NEW Star Wars Battlefront 2 space battles gameplay including ARC-170 gameplay, Kylo Ren hero starfighter gameplay and even Yoda hero ship gameplay! This Star Wars Battlefront 2 starfighter assault gameplay shows off the droid command ship over Ryloth, epic battles over Kamino, and even battles in the Outer Regions. Expect more Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay of the ARC-170, V-Wing, Hyena-class bomber, and many others for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC right here at the Star Wars HQ!


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Vincent Bédard says:

One thing that bugs me is that the droids fighters dont make the same firing sound as in the movies.

Talk ID says:

@radbrad this kind of video you should make, gameplay

binh bui says:

1:32 is that NeebsGaming!!!!????

Cameron Titus says:

So you can’t board the ship like the old battlefront? That’s disappointing but the game still looks promising

vijil says:

It would be better if the physics weren’t so cartoon. That’s just a problem with starwars itself though.

KYBD says:

God the SWTCW lines sound cringy when paired with realistic visuals

salty dogg says:

The dog fighting doesn’t seem as nimble as for example Battlefield 1s dog fighting looked. Seems pretty stiff. Maybe its just the people playing though.

Jrod ProductionStudios says:

I just preordered this with a PS4. Bad idea?

WonKier says:

4:22 Eliminated NukemDukem

Nathaniel Shi says:

7:55 i see someluckyboy

Isaiah Perez says:

Are there any space battles where it’s just a vena tor against another capital ship?? Or is it all just one capital ship and or a space station? Cuz it seems kinda boring to me. Guess we won’t know til release though.

Joey Pokorny says:

Bring back the mode from the og bf2 where you can land in the ships

Дмитрий Михайлов says:

Hope in Star Wars Battlefront 3 we will battle on Space-Ground maps with normal Conquest 😀

Wils The Limit says:

8:43 you don’t want disappoint BB8 don’t you!
Clone Pilot:The Hecks a BB8!?!

Xtana Gaming says:

they should do a gamemode using three different servers (one huge ground battle, one ship to orbital station space battle, and one on-foot in the orbital station battle) where the events on each server are reflected on the others (example, if there is a large hanger bay on the planet, special ship reinforcements in space only go to the team who holds the hanger)

woodwyrm says:

>Game Changers EA
>Pukes violently


Andrei Purdea says:

What I’d han solo doing there attacking a separatist command ship. I think he wasn’t even born

Justin Marks says:

Does anyone know how to create a space battle on skirmish for offline? I’ve got the trial of the game and I’m trying to figure out how to set it up, it’s that main thing drawing me to the game. Not to mention have some good old coop like the old days!

the magalanium says:

What pisses me off is when the separatist player didn’t play that fucking objective live come on!

DrViperVideos says:

Can you fly the N1 starfighter in space? I want to recreate the space battle from episode 1


im not overly impressed….

Nightmare of Onyx says:

It’s funny seeing a lot of names of youtubers I’ve seen before just randomly floating around.

Vincent Harris says:

Still wish you could land in capital ships like in the old games

Oddly Fitting Dubs n/a says:


Joshua Jonathan says:

Now *this* is pod racing!

Squishier Gnat says:

It says AI killed if you look closely

Lord Valkyrie Gaming says:

6:35 ya killed Muselk lol nice!

SiLveRsLiDerZz says:

I wish I could fly.

Joe Gaines says:

Anyone remember starwars rouge squadron 2 & 3 on the gamecube back in the day, needless to say
it sure does look like as well as there’s clonewar battles going on.

Lucas Bispo says:

04:36 StoneMountain

Heracross says:

why the hell do the arc 170-s weapons sound like an x-wings?

Isaac Sierra S. says:

I hope they add the ship’s platforms from Battlefield 2. It was so cool when you and your team get to the enemy ship and start the mayhem inside.

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