Star Wars Battlefront 2 – NEW MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY! Space Battles Starfighter Assault!

NEW Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) multiplayer gameplay reveals space battles, hero ships like Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator, Poe Dameron’s Black One, The Last Jedi Millennium Falcon and even the Slave 1! Plus we look at Y-Wings, TIE Bombers, and more! Remember you can fight in space during the Clone Wars! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta multiplayer gameplay on PS4, Xbox ONe and PC.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – All Classes in Starfighter Assault! Space Battles Multiplayer Gameplay!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – NEW Darth Maul Starfighter Gameplay! The Scimitar!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 New Trailer Breakdown: Kamino Gameplay Clip! Clone Wars Space Battles!


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Nicolas HU3 BR says:

that’s coruscant right??

Sgt.Grinner says:

I can’t get over how the REAL Battlefront 2 had so much more depth to it in 2005 than this shit does 12 years later. Boarding, Galactic Conquest, no microtransactions. At least THIS TIME it’s not an overpriced demo, like last year.

Rotary says:

What an absolutely daft move to make the millenium falcon flown by one player. Should be a multicrew vehicle with separate players manning the guns and flying.

apostolos 0009 says:

It is confirmed snoke is chewies father!!!!watch the star wars show

thejanusproject32 says:

If someone can correct me on this, it doesnt look like there is a burst of speed button or brake. can someone confirm that? it looks like they only go one speed

Boba Fett says:

awesome vid

Buccura says:

Anyone else keep expecting the A-Wing to kamikaze into something?

lecheessexy says:

Ships fly really slow it feels like. Up that speed a bit EA!

miklu26 says:

there are no sounds in space

Adrian Radici says:

Cool sound effects, lit graphics… ship debry and explosions still shit though imo

JulianTheCoolKid says:

Yeah, but I can go inside the enemy ship, land and destory it from the inside

Jimmy McNutterz says:

@Star Wars HQ what stops players from just maining one hero each respawn if they get enough point each time?

LTheHitmanC3 says:

Damn. No B-Wings or U-Boats

Kein Name says:

16:53 to be continued…

Asp says:

im so fcking excited for the clone wars space battles though

Reynaldo Noriega says:

Why have I seen the same gameplay everywhere

Bryce Williams says:

The ships are too slow. They need to be faster

Lord Pigster says:

What happens when the Imperials win during phase one?

TheUnpredictableSealion says:

This is what Star Wars Battlefront should have been

Brandon says:

I fully understand and respect the decision they’ve made to not include landing inside carriers…but let’s be honest. It is possible, and it is what the fans want. For all those who says it’s impossible to get around spawn camping and all that. Nope. It’s an easy fix and EA should seriously consider adding a game mode/dlc specifically for carrier landing.

Cebcurg says:

damn, every aspect of maul is just so OP, ground unit shreds through entire rooms with a single move, clears huge distance, space unit stealths and heals back to full. God DAMN give other people a chance, so god damn savage~! How did he ever lose to obiwan?!

Njul says:

But no Linux support?
Fuck this.


This is like a very slow Strike Vector.

celticgibson says:

Imagine if they used these graphics for Tie Fighter or X-Wing. Now that would be an amazing game

Bruce Rylan says:

If anyone is worried about heroes, future BF2 DLCs will fix that i’m sure.

FuhzyLiquids says:

Y do they put the circle telling u were to aim lol. First bf has auto aim. 2nd is handicapped for bad pilots.

Kylo Ren says:

Grandfather confirmed!!!!!!

Rotary says:

Everything looks prettier but is just as shallow on the inside. Mediocre gameplay mechanics once again masked by great visuals.

Literally the same game as BF1 with new skins and maps.

Star Wars HQ says:

omg the space battles are AMAZING! What is your favorite part of the new #battlefront2 gameplay?

Bleu Wizard says:

Love that first-person!

Harris says:

so slow and nooby

Collin Healy says:

I love the sound and graphics in this game

TohDoh says:

People don’t seem to realize that if they made us able to board the cruisers, it’d probably take a long ass time to make it to the weak points of the ship to destroy them. A cruiser can ultimately be an entire map on its own due to its scale. The people who made the original Battlefronts were able to get away with it since, you know, it was the early 2000s and nobody really cared. Ship interiors were lazily put together, having small hangars and a center room with three other rooms. In a game like this, we’d have larger hangars with long winding pathways that lead to those three rooms. So I’d understand why they wouldn’t put it in.

Shaade Silentpaw says:

Hnnnngggh….YES! I just hope they also have an option for a more advanced flight control scheme similar to battlefield’s~

MunMun MurMur says:

I actually understand them choosing not to have the ability to board ships. A star destroyer is so big it could serve as a whole map. They got around this in the original by having all of the weak point rooms within walking distance of the hangar but in a modern battlefront it would look a little awkward if they tried this again.

Account deleted says:

Two shots to take down the one imperial cruiser but 200 to take down the three rebel cruisers? Totally fair

striker zanluchi says:

Omg i cant wait

Donovan Hawkins says:

Hopefully there’s not 50 different dlcs

Jon Danger says:

I just watched jackfrags footage…. goddam u are appalling at this game next to him…. Star Wars HQ?…. kind of extremely embarrassing

Anything Lobster says:

Then GRAPHICS though

Alex Hall says:

Yawn, I’ll be too busy playing Destiny 2. This should have been in the last damn game.

Different Games says:

Let`s wait for BF 3 where I hope you can board

MrArbeter says:

And we will get 4 maps….. i bought bf1 not gonna do the same mistake again . Remember guys no preorder

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