Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay: Let’s Play Battlefront 2 Space Combat – HERO OF THE REBELLION

Luke and Mike leap into their X-wings for Battlefront 2’s freshly-crafted space combat. In this Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay, see the game’s pilotable X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings and the legendary Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 release date is 17 November 2017.

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Sallow says:

You’ve stolen our hearts, Millennium Falcon…
Now we’re stealing your kills…

Dolphino Egglet says:

They struggled with the reactor because it’s a y-wing, ion torpedo job

R.A. Been says:

13:37 Oh look, a Why-Wing

EdgeLord666 says:

Which side of the war will all you guys be on? I’ll be crushing the rebels with the full might of the Empire behind me! (Not to mention Darth Jane : p)

Kevin Powell says:

“SMOKE IT, SMOKE ANOTHER ONE” jeeze peer pressure much

william gaming23 says:

They use durasteel

Peyton Polson says:


James Tanner says:

It’s unfortunate that Mike doesn’t know his Star Wars ships. Picking the X-Wing over the A-Wing is like choosing a muscle car over a supercar.

Chris Ramsteck says:

Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for a Futurama reference? GIVE EM THE CLAMPS, CLAMPS!

AJ Harice says:

fuck not buying it if theres no GC

Mason Webb says:

I see EA just slapped a new coat of paint on the game and didn’t bother fixing the shit flight controls

GhengisJohn says:

Wait a minute. You had to pick ONE PERSON to pilot an X-Wing and _your first pick wasn’t LUKE?_

Diego Durand Negrillo says:

So Mike…the x-wing is the Nissan GT-R of spaceships?

Mikanojo says:

Every time i was about to write a compliment on Luke’s flying skills he crashed into some thing. i know the X wings are most people’s favorite fighters but Mike needs to fly a little slower, and could definitely use a bit more armor, but not be as big a target as the Falcon.. so please try the Y-wing out in your next life? And Luke really flew much better in the A-wing, he just needs more practice before he starts twirling around large enemy spacecraft that are infamously unwilling to get out of his way. i confess i really want to see Jane piloting an X-wing and Ellen try the A-wing.. good luck and may the Force be with you always!

Grooorg Laserdeth says:

I had really trouble with who played this episode. At first I thought it was only Mike and Andy, but then Andy said the word Luke. And now reading the description there wasn´t even an Andy in it. I´m seriously confused right now.

Balaganesha B.V says:

LUKE, use the force.

Sexy Offender says:

Cake? Macaroon? Actually the Millennium Falcon took its inspiration from a hamburger. True story.

The Outsider says:

3:25 Careful Mike all the chain-smoking can be bad for your health!


How bout, um, go faster

Pickles og says:

futrama reference was perfect

Thorney says:

where the hangars at bih?

Laszlok says:

Luke seems like something of an ace pilot. Must be the name.

V.A.K says:

If I remember, Durasteel. I think the metal most commonly used in Star Wars is durasteel. But maybe I’m misremembering. Long live there EU!

TheCTcarkid says:

The millennium falcon is by far the best ship.

Outside Xtra says:

Luke and Mike leap into their X-wings for Battlefront 2’s intense space combat! And debate what food the Millennium Falcon most resembles. All suggestions welcome. Enjoy!

Mr Hedgebull says:

Smoke me a tie fighter I’ll be back for breakfast.

Duffking says:

“The Millenium Falcon Traffic Jam” is the name of my prog rock band

Jakers457 says:

Who put jigsaw in charge of communications, Jesus

Athi Bi says:

I’m not sure if I should be insulted because I drive a Ford Fiesta, or be proud because , much like the A-Wing, it is far superior to most other available vehicles.

Jared Mandile says:

Mike I challenge you to play an entire battlefront game only using A or Y wings.

WintersInBerlin says:

Delicious like a macaroon; delicious like a half eaten hamburger more like! Somebody will understand that reference.

Thomas Wightman says:

Can’t do the land in the enemies hanger and sabotage their system: mildly disappointed

Arcane Aardvark says:

You gotta know how to do evasive maneuvers when using the millennium Falcon. You gotta list lazily to the left.

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