Star Wars Battlefront 2: Biggest Space & Ground Battles – Gameplay Live Stream

The biggest battles from, ground to space! Battlefront 2 Multiplayer
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Star Wars Battlefront 2 heroes include: Yoda, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Rey, Darth Vader, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett, Leia, Iden Versio, Chewbacca, Bossk, Han Solo, Palpatine, Luke Skywalker.

Hurtle between the rooftop Clone Wars of Theed in a speeding starfighter, cut swaths through armies of Clones with Darth Maul, and build your legacy on the battlefield as a skilled Trooper. Your Star Wars fantasies come to life in Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer.

The prequels, original trilogy, and new era meet in an expanded multiplayer experience and galactic-scale space combat. Play iconic heroes that bring distinct abilities to the battlefront – or join the fight in an emotionally-gripping single player story campaign. Your Star Wars hero’s journey has begun.


Carlos Gibert says:

You suck more than the game, and the really sucks

Buckdenver's Gaming Channel says:

I can’t even play BF2 rigth now because ANY time I get in a multiplayer or singleplayer game it almost immediately freezes for a few seconds and then crashes.

Yorgos C. says:

Mmaassivvee play some Rainbow Six Seige.Now it is operation White Noise!

Sleepy Cerberus says:

Rebels suck. It’s nothing like the clone wars.

marcos stephanos says:

This game freezes to much

Trevor Jones says:

I will let u crap on my chest. Mmmmm toasty

Wyatt Isgrig says:

I don’t have the game yet is there mele as in the original star wars battlefront

THE B says:

Why are you playing this trash man

Dutch972 says:

How do you guys feel about having era-clashing load outs?

Rob Halford says:

I do like watching your streams, but you need to curb the trailer spoilers man!! C’mon!!!

Yorgos C. says:


Ghost001 says:

Sounds like we had the same illness this weekend 🙁

Spart113 says:

Is the steam version multiplayer fixed or is it still through gameranger or gamespy whatever

Alphamikee says:

same w/ me, that weird hiccuping lag even when im on ethernet lmao

Collin Nyce says:

I am so mad play tons of assault matches never got kashayyyk

IT'Z ali hampshaw yo says:

Clone wars cartoon god rest it’s soul

Nathan McWilliams says:

How are you not on 1M subs yet? Love your content

Sleepy Cerberus says:

Jar jar binks as hero? I don’t know how I feel about that. I think I’ll stop playing for a couple days and accept the stupidity that is Jar Jar. However if my teammate or the enemy get Jar Jar, I’m hunting them down or getting them killed right away.

Feenx sama says:

Drifting has to deal with the dead zone on the sticks. This can be adjusted on PC in the settings by reducing the dead zone amount until you notice no drift. I’m not sure if console has the ability to do the same or not.

comicbook cazt says:

This game is just graphics…..I have the original right next to the new game ….and playing both….the new bf 2 is a game on rails….seriously you can’t even play the map you want

Simeon Jacobs says:

sound and video out of sync?….

Drewsaffur14 says:

if u c the message EA put out it says that pay to win is TEMPORARILY not in the game until they feel fit.

Kimberly cole says:


Hopski says:

I actually hate this game. After coming off Battlefront 2015 after a year of kicking arse and getting my shit on point…. I cant even kill anyone. I want a refund. I fucking suck. I hate Battlefront II. I want to play as Ahsoka Tano in Heroes…. Fuck EA!! *SHAKES FISTS AT THE SKY*

Last Day On Earth France says:


Isaac Pal says:


Andrew Strauss says:

I share your feelings about a purely prequel battlefront

Ron kam says:

Yeah ive been getting lag problems too…

Mathpi mix says:

It’s they server. I’m having the same problem with the game too. It glitches.

otismckenzie1 says:

It’s like EA is playing the waiting game, waiting for all the players to buy stuff so they don’t have to fix the credits, waiting for the game to lose popularity so they don’t have to fix the server lag…

Topace 103 says:

RIP toilet

spaceopera87 says:

Massive, I love how clean your channel is. Watching game streams is like treading water in a sea of retarded profanity and your channel is a breath of fresh air. I don’t mind foul language at all (I have the mouth of a sailor) but your fresh and classy approach really makes your channel seem so much more professional and stand above the rest.

chil3nopulento says:

Yeah, he thought TacoBell was a good idea……. yOu DeSErvE THiS.

BoomDiggy says:

the blaster sound is horrible. it doesn’t like star wars at all.

Fox Trot says:

Make Obi Wan and Anakin heroes!

Oscar Santiago says:


Jonathan Fancher says:

Toa of light’s name was takanuva.

Bharat Gaur says:

I subscribed because your a dc fan

Shu Sasaki says:

Lol commander cody read Fifty shades twice. Best book ever.

Jumper says:

I only knew matinude that toa from looking up Lego on Amazon prime

Daniel Bland says:

Don’t watch the Transformers movies watch transformers prime.

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