STAR CITIZEN – New Gameplay Walkthrough 2018 – Open World Space Game

More than a space combat sim, more than a first person shooter and more than an MMO: Star Citizen is the First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited gameplay.

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Ferdy A2Souman says:

certainly they need alien character and humanoid alien npc on the colony. only humans will very boring for players. Plus need some green park on the colony. Included the birds.
1. Players should able to choose between become the human or humanoid alien races or android. If not it will be too plain and boring.
2. Jobs, players should able to choose at the very beginning to become the security/police, Guardian/Soldiers, Mercenaries, Miners, Hunters, Merchant, and Transporter. And the karma system will. Except , for example, if the police or soldiers (players) commit killing innocent player for 5 times, they will fired from their job and can’t be back become police or soldiers, and only able to choose another job instead.
3. Only the player with bounty on his/her head can be killed by another players.

BigMisterApple says:

Won’t be released though, not even trolling, and even if it does get released you can bet your ass its 99% shiny graphics and 1% story/gameplay.
They should’ve gone for a bit less.

Benyhl2 says:

why they dont loot the place ? 0o

oss creepy says:

as great as it looks and it does look good its hard to imagine such a huge project tackle all the gaming elements they plan on including and doing it right

Kevin doing things says:

Icecube reflections are you kiddin me?

SkyeRa89 says:

I almost look alot like halo right now. In my story everything will be hologram and hovering.

Gaming Apple says:

my grandchildren will play this game

Alan Williams says:

is this game is open universe? i don’y known what its called lol

Helenix M says:

I hope it will have quicktravel

Vertigo101 says:

Never releasing, I stopped following years ago

Dustin Cordell says:

wonder when people admit they got scammed and will never play a working version of this game and stop sucking Chris Roberts balls

Alan Williams says:

what i want in this game (don’t make it all ship battle game i can see more in this game)
1. destrusctible world
2. multiplayer
3. intelegent AI
4. AI that can talk back to you
5. Player Movement like AC Origins(Means Parkour and stuff)
6. Fun Side Missions
7. Stealth Missions
8. Highly Intelegent Enemies
9. Very Hard Missions
10. better combat style
11. better Weapons long and short range
and so on…… i want to make a game myself but don’t have talented members :/

Alan Williams says:

i’m not gonna play/waitfor this game it’s too BORING
*Cyberpunk 2077 And Anthem ❤*

Buhismen says:

is this No Mans Sky ? with mod ?

Jack paralax says:

Can’t wait for this to come out… in 2087

koushinproductions says:

By the time this game is finished we will be flying in space ships, so no real point in playing this game lol.

F T L says:

Sweet face animations

B B says:

When did they start working on this game ? Looks good though…..I wonder how many people will actually be able to run this game ? You’re gonna have to have a helluva rig which I think will limit sales.

Olivier Pelletier says:

Everything this game is about makes me think of Elite Dangerous. What I mean is that in Elite, when you want to dock on a station, you basically have to open a channel to the station, ask for docking permission, being told which docking to go, go in, fly your ship to your spot, land, and finally either do your stuff before taking off or ask to bring your ship in its “parking space”. All of those procedures are fantastic the first 10 times you do it …but after your 1000th time, god youd wish for a “dock automatically” button.

Everything that happens is fluff. It recreates “real” life, getting a drink, walking around, play arcades and all, but -this- is pretty much all useless and fluff unless youre RPing your life inside the game like pen and paper D&D. Nobody is gonna “chill” at the bar doing nothing for hours as if they were watching a hockey game in some pub with friends in real life.

Thats my opinion at least.

Chris Maher says:

10 games will have done this by the time this game is finished

cherminatorDR says:

I hope there will be multiple biomes on these planets

XWolven says:

Star Citizen is such a perfect example of how putting all that work into trying to create hyper real graphics is such a huge waste of time and resources that could be so much better spent on making an art style that’s highly stylized and smooth and realistic within the context of the gameworld your creating. Like the new Beyond Good & Evil 2, or it doesn’t even have to be that high poly. Borderlands 2 looks amazing and runs so smoothly and doesn’t take a super computer to run. It actually looks so much better than the weird, jilted, mannequin’esk high poly stuff we see here. The Uncanny Valley effect kills immersion. I’m more immersed in a Pixar Cartooney world by far than something that tries to look photorealistic and leaves your computer gasping for breath at the same time.

Noob God says:

So is it going to be an ongoing system like eve?

Usual Suspect says:

Cyberpunk 2077

Patrick Nalty says:

and it’s 3:40AM Aussie time!
Edit: I also like the fact there is bugs and glitches in the video because it shows the viewers that it’s 100% legit! Nice work!

El Prezidente says:

Is it out yet? Is it out yet? Is it out yet? Is it out yet? Is it out yet? 😉

cj ume says:

They have done more than most company. If people are hating on this game your dum. This game is very good and very well made.

Sean J says:

Guess this game wont be out until 2025… sheesh…

yegga66 says:

As excited in the thought of all the deep physical mechanics, real visuals and an amazing SiFi world; if I break down the main quest just shown, then besides the 2 minutes of parkour and 5-10 minutes of combines FPS and Ship Gun Battle – rest was a walking, flying and train simulator. The “fun” to “effort” ration ATM is severely lacking.
Also wondering if just attempted solo and in a much smaller ship, would this quest be achievable?
(P.S. I own the game but am concerned in its direction).

Daftboy89 says:

oct 2019! looking forward to this!


A rushed game, is a forever bad game… good things take time and will just have to wait and see, how this Star Citizen works out to be; so many impatient derps.

Sandrox says:

What will come out first: Star Citizen or Cyberpunk 2077?

Daniel Duncan says:

So, it is basically still just a shell of a game.

Predrag Jandric says:

Deus Ex: Flying Simulator

Dave S says:

If they have NPC’s using the trains, do you think they’ll have some AI’s make it to the platform just as the doors close and throw their coffee cup at the departing train.

Experiment Master says:

Is anything else starting to think this game is some kind of conspiracy?

Dylan Currie says:

This will be amazing

MyNama Jeff says:

$700 to buy a ship

Bionic Kronic says:

I get the feeling that every time Chris opens his mouth his devs die a little inside

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