STAR CITIZEN – 35 Minutes of NEW Gameplay (Open Universe Sandbox Game) CitizenCon 2017

STAR CITIZEN – 35 Minutes of NEW Gameplay (Open Universe Sandbox Game) CitizenCon 2017



an 8th dimentional being says:

Your gonna need a supercomputer to run this. Too bad ps4 is unable to run this but at least I have no mans sky so I get half of what star citizen is about. Maby when the ps5 comes out I’ll try to run star citizen if It works

Juan Nagle says:

The other guy in the other ship is speeding and there are no Space Cops.

danijel124 says:

We need a space game like this but with infinite space 🙂 And we could mine and fight and stuff and gather resources…

pacrat90 says:

This game is just too ambitious. It’s going to be an absolute flop, unless they manage to pull off nothing short of the greatest miracle in gaming the world has ever seen – and that has absolutely nothing to do with money. You can’t throw money and project managers at this sort of thing and expect it to be perfect. I hope all goes well though, I really want this to work out.

Al Siciliano says:

All this hype, all these specs… n1 year of game lifetime.

jonnyfigs says:

Does sandbox game mean there’s no storyline?

Adel AHMED says:

I’m scared of the guy who talks. He speaks as if this is real.

Sqweeky Badger says:

We may not live in a simulation now, but what’s the point in building a better future when a simulation will do

epoxeclipse says:

I want them to crash this ship in the next demo and make it into a permanent shrine in game where I can visit and loot because of persistence. Like a pilgrimage new players will make. I like the atmosphere re-entry, but I think it should have more fire and be harsh.

bongsboy says:

its a new half life?

thom dushane says:

Can you go in all the buildings in the city?

Power5 says:

Not sure how anyone can claim this is not absolutely amazing work. Go take a look at the buildings in GTAV or your choice of other options and compare the detail level. GTAV is mostly texture maps. This is largely 3D modeling. The fact that you can seamlessly go from Space QT speed, to space combat, to entering atmo, flying aerodynamically, to landing, to walking up to people, to shooting or stabbing people, is nothing short of black magic.

I tuned it on for the first time in a couple years and it has gotten so much better. Of course most of the haters are just looking at development time and parroting their favorite critic about how it should be done already, and have never even played.

Gavin Elder says:

“Glen’s just showing off!” (Glen pops a right fkn ripper of a fart) *everyone starts clapping and cheering*

Demetri Parker says:

This game is like investing in Bitcoin. There is a chance in some distant future this might work.

Uniform Tango 74 says:


Martin Kiel says:

This is awesome, but this city is dark and gloomy. I’d like to see a future city in this game that is “green” with towers and vegetation on them, floating platforms in the couds, waterfalls and lakes with the city meshing perfectly with nature. I’d buy into that

James Cabarr says:

This will be out soon in 2050 and still in Beta mode.

K's Creative says:


The Marsian says:

please what is the name of the background soundtrack playing at 08:26

moto serra says:

Mass Effect, that could have been you.

flashlightbug says:

Such a scam.

Alex dorant says:

Bad game

Carl HIRST says:

MORE, Sales pitch video, SPEND SPEND SPEND, Yaaaa hooo, the new new new, real, yey, lets just have a look at the more hopes up vision, and the new super duper exclusive elite backers only hyper Gunship mega 3.0.b.z.0b1Version only available for the next year or so, $140,000 for the basic version( no guns on) or the $200,000 with Guns, but no Jacuzzi that female players can get in VR…..or

Citizen23 says:

Okay, I need to find a way to retire early so I can play this for ALL of the hours.

jonnyfigs says:

It’s 2018 and this comment section offends me

Str8Killa says:

Don’t hold your breath…

Voddgreen says:

So to run this at Medium at 60fps you need RTX 2080Ti x2? xD

J Bakes says:

When is Arc Corp gonna be added to to the PTU?

Happysickfreak says:

People who complain about this game’s long development don’t get how ambitious it is, especially when it’s done from the ground up with no R&D knowledge from big developers. If it was a scam, they wouldn’t have gone this far. They’d just make a mediocre game with very little to really show. Patience is a virtue, but instant gratification millennials don’t understand that.

s m says:

what the fuck is happening with this game???????????

World Pust says:

it whould be amazing if the ship had super boost

naywahn says:

My eyes!
*MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Katima Gaming says:

Take my money! Take my children! Take my children’s Children!!! Just give me the game already!

Luck z says:

The biggest scam in the gaming history?

Sandro Bindelli says:

Why the ‘800s like chemminies and huge smokes? Supposedly in a society with high level technology there will be totally clean energy and systems, actually we are dumbasses because we lazyly bent ourselves to using oil for almost 200 years and started seriously developing “alternative energy sources” only 20 years ago or so…had we done it since the ’50s we now probably would have solar devices that have enormous power and last forever with zero emissions. Another wrong thing is that in such a densly inhabited environment…you would not be flying alone around but probably would be inside a swarm of computer controlled flying ships like today you are mostly stuck in a trafficjam.

André Franco says:

THIS is a CYBERPUNK World, not that 2077 shit

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