Star Citizen 3.2: Space Yacht Gameplay! (Origin 600i) + Planet Exploration

Landing on planets & exploring ’em with a space dirtbike! STAR CITIZEN 2018
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Star Citizen 2018 gameplay patch 3.2

Star Citizen 3.2 ships in this video:


Tabula Rasa says:

Will this game have a bounty system and kill tracking system like in Eve? If not, it’ll be fun being a rogue ship destroyer.

Edit: I typed of instead of if.

Gus Montoya says:

Hi, I want to contact you to ask questions about that game. Thanks!

eddy1367 says:

It’s got a watermelon!!!!!

Blackopsbear says:

Play gta

sam newman says:

i assume riding a dragonfly through a forrest biome would result in death rather quickly

Adolfo Wilson says:

“Sir are you ok… oh he looks dead” hahahhahahahahhah i couldn’t, i just cracked here man, like WTF???

Tristan says:

hows he getting such good fps what servers is he on? our australian servers are garbage and i have a 1080ti

Grondunn BloodBone says:

Everything No Man’s Sky wishes it was.

Desperadoxcap says:

10fps lagy shit game

Austin Whitaker says:

It’s my favorite game, space glitch fest

K I L O says:


Tom Beattie says:

Massive, will you ever stream on Twitch? I would love that

Plocký /) says:

This game on console?! no fcking way :’D

Purefoldnz says:

What will come out first Star Citizen or Cyberpunk 2077?

Captain Luther says:

he said they will put a limit on how much credits you can buy with real money? so you CAN buy credits with real money? limited or not, its still bad and pay to win

geekphreak says:

Thank you for all the time you nerding out during this game. It made me feel like I’m not the only one. I can’t play games due to not having a working PC so I get my fix watching you play lol

Reggie Manning says:


Dan Brown says:

At what point does making all the bugs part of the gameplay get old?
I was waiting for 3 then 3.1 then 3.2, now I’m waiting for 3.3 for a decent experience

Noel Rhima says:

Such a fucking nice game.. so many people criticising it but what other devloper is doing stuf like this?? The game is in alpha for fuk sakes!!

TheWaluigiman1 says:


CCFC Danny says:

Will it be on PS4?

xCrupt says:

Does anyone know if this is going be on console

Дмитрий Дмитриевич says:

Piece of shit game

Krastyan the Best says:

Just a warning, channels are starting to get terminated because they are announcing livestreams. You can use discord instead of YouTube to announce your livestreams

Ben Coleman says:

Will there ever be game chat with mics instead of just typing

333plus333 says:

Yeah Massive, if you read this and no one else already told you. You cannot do anything inside another persons ship now, unless they unlock it for you via their captains seat. Otherwise everything will be locked for you. That’s why you couldn’t enter the elevators etc. This is the new protection thing CIG implemented so that random people won’t just wait on spawn and steal people’s ships randomly. It’s really great. If you want access to another persons ship you’re gonna have to ask them to unlock it for ya, or invite you to their party.

Tom Beattie says:

You HAVE to get one of these (or an 890J) as your HQ! This is the perfect HQ for a major corporation such as your own.

Yoken Shiro says:

Yes passengers was a great movie loved it and Yes i got the willy wanka elevator comparaison^^

keggerous says:

By the time this game is playable to the masses and in full form, we’ll be WAY behind all the people who started playing now and have bought ships. Like I can’t imagine this game is going to end well in terms of fairness . . .

johnty fiveofive says:


chiffmonkey says:

1:04:26 for Hoverbike

Reggie Manning says:

Ponzu scheme

Headphones Guy says:

Imagone if they made a star Wars game like this instead…

Purefoldnz says:

That ship costs $475?

ubernaffa says:

All I can think about is space whisky.

Andrew Smith says:

For the last time, they’re all moons

Awesome! says:

Is the video stuttering every few seconds for any one else?

Sheppardsg1 says:

and btw massive those are moons not planets planets are only crusader, and hurston in 3.3 🙂

Joe Hatch says:

Space whisky!?!?

Shu Sasaki says:

1:13:20 NOOOO

TheRedRaven says:

Being able to load your hoverbike with the ship docked would make too much sense for SC ey?

Shu Sasaki says:

1:03:49 I laughed so hard GAHAHAHAH

darren james says:


SirDumbShooter says:

Here is my pun:
Do you know why space is so popular?
because it’s everywhere

Tatoke kokipa says:

i cant believe i came back to watch the whole broadcast….. cant wait to own the game!

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