Star Citizen 3.2.1 SPACE TRUCKING! – Jobs Gameplay

Interplanetary delivery service!! Star Citizen Jobs, Gameplay Live Stream
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Star Citizen Persistent Universe exploration gameplay. Version 3.2.1

From the mind of Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, comes STAR CITIZEN. 100% crowd funded, Star Citizen aims to create a living, breathing science fiction universe with unparalleled immersion… and you’re invited to follow every step of development!

More than a space combat sim, more than a first person shooter and more than an MMO: Star Citizen is the First Person Universe that will allow for unlimited gameplay.


Vault-Tec says:

Serious question is this game a lot better than No Man’s Sky? In its current state

Hunter Lowe says:

They should make a cowboybebop style game

Mr Welsh Gaming says:

Carring cargo looks like a fun way to interact n save the boring trading like elite dangerous. Would be fun to be able to a pump truck n even a forklift to move more faster n keep them onboard to unload

dham99 says:

OMG park closer to the building! O.o I love hauling cargo/waste…it doesnt pay well but its a stable job for sure…granted I can only do it in my Titan currently XD

Nate Pasilis says:

great looking game, been waiting on this one for a while. Glad to see how far it’s come.

Matt TheDestroyer 2 says:

Thought it was no man’s sky lol

TheWaluigiman1 says:

I just sold my car in order to get a space ship for this game.
I can’t wait for it to come out.

Sheppardsg1 says:

Lucky that u are able to sell stuff i have full cargo of Agri supply and I can’t get rid of that thing not even on farms xd

N.A.R says:

This and no mans sky is my favourite content on your channel.. need more.. more

Yousuf says:

46:52 whose voice is that .__.

Sam Parker says:

Do a stream on Star Wars battlefront 2 pls

Jon Snow says:

Hello massive! It’s been a while since I watched your videos, when a while ago you changed a lot from gameplay to reviews etc. But now you’re back with all the gameplay I’m so happy you’re back! And I’m wondering if more livestreams will be happening like they used to for lots of games. I remember loving your Battlefield 4 and 1 content and I hope you’ll do Battlefield V, even though I don’t agree with the whole plot, alternate history stuff. Good to see you again, and I’m wondering if you’d do any more battle royals content like PUBG or Fortnite ? See you around

M.G Redemptor says:

You know, No Man Sky said that it has no loading, but I always had my suspicion when the screen turns to a very bright yellow when you jump from one system to another, that the dev’s used that as a overlay while the game was loading, cause no matter the distance you are jumping, it( the bright yellow screen ) appears for the same amount of time.

Mario Diaz says:

first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

87 78 says:

Massive how do you get this game

Outkasteddemon M says:

need to play ark for the ps4

Jessica G says:

It would be cool if space was real


I would love to play this game but I dont have good enough of a computer to run it

Awesome! says:

I’ll join your org too. I got a Polaris that should help with the your fleet.

Rei Sakisaka says:

You could have used the scroll wheel to adjust walking speed without using shift.

Santo Bell says:

I can not wait until my new PC parts get here this week to get back into this game… It’s so damn hard watching others play and not be able to log in!

That speed glitch used to happen in the Avenger all the time in 3.0 it’s an issue with the IFCS there is a fix coming, it either fixes itself or you fly back to port Oli and use your gear to get as slow as possible and auto land then respawn the ship.

The crime stat would have been from the guy who stole the ship if you were grouped.

3.3 will bring some serious grunt to the game along with the new locations, missions and ships/equipment.

Hopipotamus says:

The same happened with me. I live in Dallas, I woke up to rain so I checked out side and it wasn’t >95 degrees!

JohnAllDay says:

this game looks amazing!

Jack Zammit says:

This game has been getting some hate, not compleatly unwarented, but it is refreshing to see someone actually enjoying it for what it is.

Admiral Ackbar's School of Traps says:

Great Kill Bill intro Buck!

Mentalpot says: Star Citizen will never be released. Technology will steamroller this pipe dream. Its a shame really.

Stone S says:

This game is a fucking joke. You people realize they did take a shitload of money from donors and accomplished nothing. They didn’t deliver shit, this game is never going to come out. You go to try to buy it something like $30,000.

Boba Phat says:

i hope star citizen comes to counsels someday cuz i suck at PC game controls lol

Vic Drago says:

You know you can group and then you see there names and locations.

Henry Queenan says:

Love your content massive.

glimsong says:

Massive to manually qt you need to select the local gravity well as the destination (as in Cellin) and then it will reveal all the other points for manual selection. Or have no selection at all but that is generally limited to visual range.

adam Morlan says:

Hey look at that ohh fuck my game just crashed

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