Star Citizen 3.0 Landing on a Planet! – Space to Ground Gameplay

Landing on a Planetside Docking Facility! Star Citizen 3.0
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Amar Saric says:

This is what no mans sky should has been

Andrew Winter says:

Ha. Loading screens. Consider how slowly you are actually moving through that environment. That’s how they do it. They scale the graphics so you are essentially crawling through the 3D space.

Joshua Lopez says:

Dude! You have an awesome voice!

Split Atom says:

Is this an ad for Star Citizen?

Rob Harris says:

that landing manouver at 29 minutes!

Michael Jamieson says:

I’m a first week adopter but this is one of those games that I’m not even going to bother with until my next pc.

Tanomura says:

Man, I cannot wait until this game is 100% finished. I will be logging so many hours.

Nicholas Fiely says:

Love the gameplay. The amount of misinformation is staggering though

Riley Brown says:

27:11 Negan plays Star Citizen!

israel ahmad says:

This is what that earlier space game that was a huge sand box failed to do

HitodamaKyrie says:

Poor Dragonfly left at 46:30

Saddamo De Beers says:

you cough, because there is not good atmo in that mining facility 😀 😀 😀

Cross says:

If you are interested in this game use this code (STAR-5YTN-97DN), when you sign up to get 5k of ingame credits instead of just 1k.Or this link directly.

Chris Ortiz says:

This channel deserves more subscribers

Pablo Cabal says:

Holy christ, this voice.. are u a voice actor? If not, try it, wow.

Star citizen, THE game

The Critical Riposte says:

they no spend money on marketing? press relations? outreach? video series? shows? podcasts? Some of these things are sensible expenditures but not all of them are what I would do in placing the money they already had.

Christopher DarkStar says:

Your videos are awesome. Great narration. I wish you’d do more SC though.

that one metal fanatic you see everywhere says:


Bunker Boy Gaming says:

Has anyone noticed if you look at the ark map there is Erath *AKA ALL OF EARTH EXSPLOREBLE*

Real music/WWE 2k Footage says:

Man this is nice, wish I had a gaming pc

mimixownzall says:

I want to be in alpha so I can have a jump start on what to do and how to do it as quickly as possible when the game comes out.

Marnus Alberts says:

awesome vid – awesome game

skmetal7 says:

38:00 Looks like a cylon raider.

Shcrd Fhdv says:

Use this referral code to start Star Citizen with an extra 5000 UEC!


kieran johnson says:

Is this dude john st. John?

Spimp Smacker says:

Why do you sound like Duke Nukem

目力蛙先輩 President Toad江 of Commie China 1919810 says:

Let as conkar niu planets for our Quinn migh bruddas! Dis is de wey, de fuchar auph Uganda.

Arctic Recon says:

If they can make a game like no other like this to run smoothly on a PC then I’m pretty sure they can figure out a way to get it running on consoles (namely the Xbox One X). It may not be immediately or even for a long time until years later, but I’m pretty sure they can figure out a way. I don’t know we’ll see.

Saddamo De Beers says:

when a dream comes true

Synwolf says:

No Twitch version? XDDDD

Billy Darley says:

*what i think would be badass is if the us gov already has stuff like this, extraterrestrial officers, fast ships and whatnot. makes me wonder how one ever becomes a part of that if it really exists. with a budget of right around a trillion per year for the past few decades, i have to wonder just what the hell has been accomplished with all that cash. assuming we’ve created a whole lotta nothing, to me would be naive.*

xfiremaniac says:

hey everyone! Enjoy playing “the game” at the incredible speed of 11 fps! Oh and i have a GTX 970 by the way.

KnightMD says:

Yeah but none of the planets have an atmosphere.

JPM says:

2025 release date when a decent pc build will cost as much as a used car and 16 gigs of ddr6 ram will run us as much as full custom atx case, cpu, psu, and motherboard combined! I can’t wait!

treymtz says:

if you made an empire on release i would join your legion

The Almighty Zugs says:

Why is it taking me so long to get to areas on a planet. Anyone have any tips or tricks that I’m missing?

Irtanto Charisma says:

its not planet its a rock this game is become a vaporware

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