SPACENAUTICA?! – CRAZY NEW Space Survival Game! – Breathedge Gameplay

Welcome to Breathedge! Breathedge is an ironic outer space survival adventure game. Take on the role of a simple guy who just carried his grandpa’s ashes to a galactic funeral and found himself in the middle of a universal conspiracy.

Experience the life of a simple guy with simple needs who tries to survive in the depths of the deep space. Explore, build, kick corpses, and poke everything with a chicken.


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The Architect says:

you cant just say SPACENAUTICA and not be setting it up for failure. That is a high bar to hit.


Best video a plese new video 60 min plese

Alice Mace says:

I’ll stop now

John Sirbu says:

Wow! Dev phucd up pretty hard core… Your laugh (*Hehehe*). You seem like a cool dude so I’m going to side with you vs devs. Why did devs make you craft a metal dilbo?

Marlon Cyril Markines says:

Blitz are u going to make this a playlist?

Alice Mace says:


Pixel Blast says:

So hilarious XD

Triguwired says:

Please please make another one I live your videos and this game looks awesome

Noriel Ben Miel says:

4:19 best way to plug a hole

Mario Masher324 says:

370th like

SubsonicGaming51 says:

I like the part were he’s playing a game

cjaye sacdalan says:

Bring every dead body home inside the shuttle

Sherry Bealmear says:

Play more

Frank the Tank says:

Keep playing

Do a play through


JimbøSausage54 says:

My other favorite YouTuber (FuryForged) just made a video on this game, can’t wait to see what you think of it

Epic Wolf Run says:

U make great vids blitz keep going and reach 2 million!

Luis Orellana says:

I played that game before

Gio Naffaa says:

Always interesting choices… cant get enough of you hahahaha! Keeep it up brotha’

Alice Mace says:


Gontran de Quillacq says:

play more slime rancher!!

Dv plays Roblox&More says:

3 hours ago and 5k views there should of been like 1m Views

Nikolas Bergeron says:

The wire is under the electricity

S B says:

PLS do more of this

Foster Davies-Smith says:

Retro sci-fi with cartoon humour. I’m down for that.

Shenyl Maquiling says:

Do more

Travis Haines says:

Play more RAAAAAFT with Baron

Edythe Mcconnell says:


Alice Mace says:


Maureen Frame says:

(: (; (;

MAGA MAN says:

I was wondering how long it was going to take for him to realize what he made at the end. LOL.

Gunjamed C. says:

I got this game as well 🙂

Ckc dillpickle says:

Blitz is incredibly blind. he spent half the video looking for wire and he passed it constantly

Ilja xox says:

I wanna watch so much more of this!

Maureen Frame says:

do more pls

Ray Germino says:

Play Spider-Man 2 PS4!!! ITS *LIT*

Kylo Ren says:

They didn’t “go weird”, they transitioned. I know you’re religious, but try to keep an open mind, lest you alienate your audience.

Awesome Dragon's says:


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