Space Zombie Roguelike Shooty Action! – Hazardous Space Gameplay Impressions

Hazardous Space Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Hazardous Space and check out a game where you’ll blast your way through space zombies in an abandoned space station!

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McKeviin says:

I dont want to spend the energy…clicks Yes anyway…pay attention Splatter.

João Gabriel Lima says:

This title has so much going for it…

Murcareum says:

the cloud of death is there to increase the challenge, force the player to keep moving and hinder exploration.

Razor Z says:

First! 😛

Anthony Storm says:

WAIT, a minute. Is that Palace sounds in the BG i m listening to ? Splatty you’re using PChat ? XD

Johann Cerecke says:

This looks like a flash game from 2005

Priviledgier Sheevlord says:

“Tail” is a slang term in Russian meaning tests or assignments that a student hasn’t finished in time

Coffe Cat Games says:

Thanks for video!

Ederson Carvalho says:

Sou seu inscrito
Agora retribui Dando uma passada no canal kaille fz6

LV427 says:

This game needs scarier enemies

drblacko says:

Like a more in depth SKYHILL and in space! Nice!

Chris Johnson says:

Appreciate you bringing this title to our attention, but less dialogue reading and more commentary on the game would be nice. Don’t need to hear the developers attempts to be witty and clever.

Sound_of_Silence says:

The dialogue is ass. And so is the game tbh.

Aston Martin says:

FTP game?

Maenethal says:

Splat, you keep clicking “yes, I would like to spend 50 energy” on those doors.

Ben says:

would like to see more of this if you can

King Wafflemonger says:

Splatty in space?

MrPanzerDragoon says:


Beezy says:

Not really feeling this one Splatt, but thanks anyway for throwing it up.

Bob Marley says:

Hey Splat can you check out Away: Journey to the Unexpected?

akocbibbo says:

Aww..fine second here!

Harry Dude may says:

Sunless skies,splat I need a playthrough please !!?

Khanh Ha says:

Lol I wonder if he notices that everytime you go into a room you lose energy

Der Aua says:

Wow, this looks like fun.

pubcollize says:

Is this a made-for-mobile game?

Harry Dude may says:

Sunless skies,splat I need a playthrough please !!?

Marian Bielcik says:


Nate Lindstrom says:

I feel like he’s Zapf Brannigan’s younger, dumber, and rather less good looking brother.

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