SPACE WHALE GOD | The Swords of Ditto Co-op (Part 7)

PeanutButterGamer and SpaceHamster let’s play The Swords of Ditto Co-op for the PC! – Part 7: SPACE WHALE GOD
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Get Out of Town Wizard!:
Press it to Jump:
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Edited by Jack! (Superplaid64)

Into art by Dan Jones! →

Music by Zurachi! →

PB&Jeff Cartoon assets by Miski! →


Anarchon D says:

Making things harder then they need to be… Pb and jeff

TickleGrenade says:

Oh me gad! Did they get that space whale from the Zelda game on game boy?

HumanOrb040135X says:

They better put this on the switch

Volt Siano says:

“That’s a big waste of bread.”

Somehow, I find this funny enough to turn into a drawing.

Eric Shelby says:

This game borrows elements from The Legend of Zelda more than you think. For example, Serendipity resembles the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening.

CarterTornadoGuy says:

You guys need to do Mario Sunshine Muiltiplayer like you did with Mario 64

Ultimate says:

Hey look it’s PB and Joof!

Mr. Grinner says:

They light up because of them refilling energy.

Jolly Reaper says:

So, I’ve finally figured out that the disco floor things refill your purple stuff.

Marijn Mes says:

Daaamn im early

Psychic Fish says:

The REAL first

PoisonousGamer Plays says:

Welcome back to The Swords of Ditto! Today Austin and Jeff are coming up on a boss, but what could it be?

Marijn Mes says:

Peebe and joof you already are level five.

lungwang says:

Just curious – why don’t you have a ‘Sword of Ditto’ playlist in your collection of playlists? xD you got everything else that I could see, but didn’t include this game? My notifications are all screwey and was hoping to keep an eye on this one as the game looks fun 😀

Deceus says:

If you’re too weak to enter the dungeon to weaken the final boss, why would you think that jumping straight to the final boss is a good plan?

Peeb, I love you, but man do you get overconfident super easily.

samcraftgaming 667 says:

Poobo in jlef

Kalomine says:

when is Minecraft Hardcore coming out?

Adam the Awesome says:

What is that music called its been driving me crazy since i heard it.

samuel vanvliet says:

love this playthrough and look forward to episodes everyday.

PikaShroom - Minecraft and More says:


Will Gamez says:

New video boiiiii!!!!

Lithosagym The Unforbidden says:

Thank you for this let’s play, I just bought it today and love it,

Fireboy Heartsong says:

the thumbnail should say on the last one NO MORE DUNGEONS!!!!

Andrea Burnett says:

Excellent video pb & jeff.

The unknown Parade says:

Whoa amazing!


Sabrina Surrett says:

Hey Pbg, if you’re still wonder, what’s her face’s name is Mormo.

Vincent Poteet says:

Does anyone know if anyone has made a pbg fan game?

Village Emerald says:

This game looks like it was made by Ludosity

Ninjaseth77 says:


Sano The Desert Wanderer says:

Be pretty funny if at the end, it turns out Puku is the real villain and Mormo is just a jaded asshole that got tired of convincing the main character otherwise.

the banana ninja says:


AJ Duncan says:

What was that song played when Jeff fell; I hear it everywhere and it drives me crazy not knowing it

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