SPACE WARSHIPS | Free To Play Space Shooter (Fractured Space Gameplay)

Check out, and Download Fractured Space here:
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SPACE WARSHIPS | Free To Play Space Shooter (Fractured Space Gameplay)

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dying war says:

Phly please help i dont know if i want to grind the Americans for the Abrams or the Russians for the t 64b

ICertI says:

What about pop that detect ability at least before jumping out 😉

Op 1 says:

Youre back with fractured space

Pyrrus4 says:

Haven’t seen this in awhile!

Thịnh Nguyễn says:

phly will you take the belly dancer m3 staurt to battle cuz i won by moving around and many pro miss me lol hope you reply thanks!

Revolgnoremac says:

So its a worse dreadnought

Horror l says:

PZ.II C gotta do it its a low tier monster

Black Knightz says:

but the game is close to dead,stop playing it for awhile cause dont have time,come back and ~15m no match

guujin lee says:

good game…more players

YouFool 02 says:

now they need to make a game like this but starwars

Bleach Anyone? says:

Try dreadnought

Ethan Obenauer says:

PHLY, please let us see more of this, PLZ

Blue Baron says:

This game is dead :/

Eni Pajo says:

Hey Phly play Star Conflict made by Gaijin is basically a warthunder with space ships

ReD Eyez says:

Hey Phly…. How about another MechWarrior Online video?… I just want to hear you call a PPC… a PCP .

Rik van der Donk says:

Play Dreadnought

Banana Man says:

Do a combo of war tunder cromwell v and spitfire mk l

IDogaming22 says:

Hey phly can you play the twin mustang f8 with the 14 50 cals

Allan Huang says:

not played yet but the graphic seems good

misegades says:

This game is pretty fun, though it’s best played with friends. It does get a little monotonous, but it’s relatively straightforward and easy to just hop in for short periods of time

hasmatiks says:

Oh man. I just can’t watch you with these, undoubtedly cool, but unfortunately boring, fellas. Yes, I can go watch something else, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one who watches you for your audience engagement and laid back style. It doesn’t really come off with team videos. Just hoping that all “other than wot” – videos wont be like this. Love ya.

peleg mov says:

I got the game, played the tourtrial, and it waa fun.

But after I tried to play any other gamemode(PvP, the new PVE..) the game just shut itself and I cant get to play at all.

Anyone can help me understand this?

caribou4580 says:

can you ask warthunder to put My Little Ponies into the game please thank you

V.S DragonicGames says:

this game is great love tatical games nice vid phly

gabriel Sciuto says:

I miss this game from the channel

oliver lojas says:

Dreadnought is a better free to play game

Raindyrps says:

Thank you so much for the video phly, I loved playing this game back in 2015 but the playerbase died and i didnt understand as it’s such a good game. But you bringing light to it has revived the base again.

LibertusHD says:

I found this game before and i like it ☺

Bastian Neumann says:

For the Guys that think this Game is dead and say Dreadnought is better – HAH I just tested Dreadnought today for like 5 Hours pfffffffff Graphics are different but not better in my Opinion and hell when people say Fractured Space is dead and play Dread wtf is wrong with u in the 5 Hours straight playing I fought against 80% AI cause no players was online and hell Dreadnought is so boring compared to Fractured Space…

William Ryding says:

Play the Me163 plz

JJC 133 says:

Looks so good. It’s a shame they don’t have a Linux version

TehFocus says:

Sadly this game is pretty much dead with under 1000 players at any time

Insiainutorr T says:

Game seems a bit to weightless for me…

muziekjes says:

Can you make us an ammo guide for WT? I’m reading the ammunition’s info but it’s all so sketchy, to me and you seem to always know which type to use… Pretty please?

Ryan Morris says:

Thought this game was dead. Oh wait. Yup.

bad says:

tf I just started playing this game like 3 days ago


Phly playing Fractured Space!?!?!?! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max says:

My favorite is the Leviathan ….heavy attack

Gabriel Dos Santos says:


Sadistic Aku says:

Play more men of war

Admiral Reeves says:

Play more of this game please.

Mike Jovanovic says:

MW2 campaign walkthrough?? @Phly Daily

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