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Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass
Title: For My Haters –


Austin Schrock says:

that ground is super annoying my profectionisticness

Avinash Sriram says:

the huge storage you built from the vehicle bay can have multiple little storages printed from the printer

Viperous Halo256 says:

You could attatch the mini storage deals to the big storage on the truck

Concert Gamer says:

It’s the fuel

DR_ Flopper says:

hey slip im not sure if you know this or not but there are dead astronauts in the caverns below ive found one he had copper, a battery and some lithium as well! looks like there were ones before you on this planet

Friendly Faucet says:

oh meh gawd!!! this is like… what i wanted no man skys to be!

BAT MAN says:

you should play with your brother

sul3rt says:

i wonder if there gonna add this to ps4 or Xbox one

Luc Thibodeau says:

You should maybe look into making some generators. I think you will like them. Love the vids, keep it up.

Our Van Diaries says:

Awesome channel, really liked it!

The Po-Po says:

You can still use the storage if it is folded up

Riyan _Farlin says:

R u able to put the little 8 storage ones on the truck’s big 8 storage?

tommy grimes says:

Put wind turbine on the pod

Sammyboy Guy says:

Always bring extra fuel I got trapped on the moon

The EubTube says:

18:31 You have officially reached 1,111 seconds if you watched to that point.

ItsDino Dude57 says:

Put the fuel on the two extra spots on the ship

Ash Greninja says:

slip you can now play multiplayer

Austin Schrock says:

can’t you slurp stuff up with the truck?

Avinash Sriram says:

Also make the space ship not shuttle for more storage options

Normzy Baldemor says:

slip, i think you can add more platforms by connecting the umblicalaxkaxnkanckshjch cord (XD)

Sahashi Minato says:

you know what ? this game remind me of spore

Josh Hansen says:

Sl1p you can pick up your tethers and move them you know……

Alfredo Jr says:

Multiplayer already came out

nmp lol says:

I accidentally played this game for 4 hours without even realizing it
was also baked but yaknow

Blackend Wing says:

really enjoying this.

Terran Kughn says:

Orgnics gives power

Ivel Shadow says:

Im actually liking this way more than Cheat Modded Ark. If you’re not having fun with ARK anymore, Im not opposed to seeing this take the 12 PM slot instead. This is way more interesting, and you should play with Zueljin. We miss you guys doing collabs and bouncing off each other’s energy.

Joseph Barreira says:

Somebody tell sl1p storage goes first on space ship then u add seat

Josh Hansen says:

Go to the moon then from there your farther out and you could get to more planets

Zenon says:

there are sandstorms

BloodLordGaming says:

On the big storage you can put the other storages to have a total of 32spaces rather than 16spaces if you didn’t have the large storage

Marc Proulx says:

Do daily astroneer vids

FutureLeader 748 says:

DOO-DOO at 2:10

Snowgolemking says:

Slip on the storage for your truck you can put 4 8 storage things on each slot of the storage insane storage

Josh Hansen says:

My brother has a 3d printer xD

Pigs R us Oink says:

I smashed the thumbs up button and broke my wrist… jk

Gerald Dougherty says:

slip you can expand your base nearly infinitely but you can only do it in the when the little platform gives you the opportunity to create a building platform, more of those plat form tendrils appear on thous pre platform platforms, you know the ones that take like two resin to build.

King Poo says:

You can use the generator for power and organic for fuel

Terran Kughn says:

Ur planet has the same name as me Terran

DrakonInc says:

In your last astoneer vid you where looking at more space. Before you upgrade to a platform you can expand from it. So numerous pads, more platforms

luis ramos says:

you put the storage on the storage and get more storage

James Wilder says:


Concert Gamer says:

I think

TWEEKL says:

wind turbines/vanes are effected by wind direction and elevation of the turbine as well as if parts of your base block the wind. so placing them on the outer most parts allows for best results.

Sajad Almusawi says:

Wow this game is soo much better then no mans sky

birdstalkeriscat says:

that advertisement about the “black struggle” is such a ironic, pathetic thing to show. Racism is present because some people cant let it go. The more you talk about something, the more it stays alive.

Matt Dab says:

You have to reasearch the big space ship and it attaches to it

MrKalidascopeEyes says:

thanks now i spent $25 on the game it all your fault.iv handled pooping evolved settings on ark(solo server) for months.makes playing online extinction feel like a cake walk .

TWEEKL says:

normally you should be a to throw power on there and it would suck it up but power sometimes glitches out and stops working.

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