Space Rover Build! – Astroneer #3 (Astroneer Alpha Gameplay)

Rover Build! – Astroneer #3 (Astroneer Alpha Gameplay)
Astroneer is a game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration.


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Mattimaximus says:

I know you’re going to put out more of these but I seriously cannot get enough. More!

Droning Along says:

Get seats for the rover

2muchgamez says:

Do Astroneer with vuxxy like if you agree

Armie 321 says:

to Oh great video Royal keep up the good work in one video

Me Tube says:

man u r dumb.

g2ATgtChVav560 _gaming says:

You need power to move the rover dude


So far this game looks awesome.  I have so many early access games such as Salt, but I have the NEED to get this game thanks to Royal.

SLH says:

Royal, you can put the solar dishes on your backpack and it will recharge your power faster during the day

gavin avila says:

waiting for another episode

Eat-Sleep-Prep says:

Just when it started to get interesting f@ck lol

Cameron Miller says:

You can place the power blocks on your buggy and stuff at base, etc. and give them power, you get them by mining those yellow stones

EvolAngel says:

Can we put wind vanes on the rover to create power from the wind on the rover?

Jervante Hutchinson says:

you can attach a bunch of rovers and trucks together
and also place the power you gather on your machines and use organics for power

johnathon mcgaha says:

the wind storm broke ur teather

Sticks says:

This game looks pretty boring

Sriousprobs says:

It’s like no tubers even watched the dev videos lol. I’ve never yelled at a screen as much as I have watching ppl, with sand box experience mind you, fumble around this game oblivious lol.

Christopher Bowen says:

I wish you made your videos longer!

Joel McFee says:

You can make another rover and attach it to the back of the other one to make a trailer sorta thing

Ashton2000 says:


Z/T Gaming says:

Fucking love this game

DarkKnight0943 says:

Build another rover and you can connect it to each other to make a bigger or storage one!

Trico Can says:

Royal use alan walker – force in the end of you video (episode ) because it make us want to watch what happen in next episode

MartyParty124 says:

You are so dumb

Tomahawk283 RO says:

Hey royal I just wanted to say that you are a great youtuber and I have been subbed for quite a bit now I first started watching back at episode 1 of one of my fave series I might binge watch it all again I loved it when you first played the game especially with the pig Dino and trying to tame it

Arius Hatsune says:

I would love to get this g and start a series on it but I can’t afford it sadly 🙁

Tyler Webb says:

Royal, Do you think that if you run around the whole world you would eventually find your base again? Or do you think it would keep on going??

Terry Tracy says:

omg your a fool…stop rushing. You can stick the tether on your back pack area. you need power and charge the rover…i used the solar panel and windmill. then added the storage plate Its a rover you need no tether…however the becons are set on ground to mark areas of interest

Vegas Sims says:

This game is already 10 times better than No Man’s Sky!!!!

jonathan dinh says:

put a solar power on your backpack

jonathan serafim says:

you need a driver seat

Armie 321 says:

Can you put a solar panel on top of a generator?

Sir Shadowsnipe says:

play multiplayer with vuxxy or code.

Xxas xa says:

hook up the generator yo to the rover it need power!!

Chase Abreu says:

The black bars on the side are fuel cells they turn orange when its full

Caboose The SplogeMuffin says:

You should just spam tethers everywhere so that you can breath forever.

GGaming says:


Kenny K says:

amazing game dont stop plating it pls 😀 atleast something new not the ark all the time

Nick Mckellips says:

You need to post two of these a day, it’s too great of a game to not

Roger Evans says:

i like how people keep calling you stupid but your not stupid, you are just learning how to play a game, i bet they haven’t even played the game so they should stfu…

Matt Dab says:


Austin Burton says:

No fuck u post another one or stream it lol luv u Royal

MidWesti says:

do you recommend controller? or m&k?

Faris Zulkarnain says:

LOL on Dynamite

Kilos says:


TrowSonny says:

great episode ! next one coming soon ?
(if I can’t play the game, at least im gonna watch it)

Major Stamina says:

Royale us sailor panels instead of generators they are cheaper

Jarrett Backus says:

by the looks of it i thought id hate watching you play but damnnnn you make it fun royal

crazy gamer says:

do this with draegast

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