Space Rogue Gameplay – FTL kappa | Let’s Play Space Rogue Part 1

Space Rogue Gameplay Part 1 – They call it Deja Vu. By Red Beat, Let’s Play Space Rogue combines strategy, tactics and adventure in a game that gives you complete freedom to explore the galaxy and choose your own goals.

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Take on the role of a spaceship captain. Lead your crew across the galaxy, where the ultimate goal is up to you. Fight for peace or piracy as you explore new worlds, improve your ship, recruit crew members and engage in intense ship-to-ship battles.

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Tyrone Loots says:

been your fan since gta 5

Kebab Defender says:


Lucas toftgaard says:


Kodeman010 ‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫ says:

I’ve got a question. After you die, do you loose ship upgrades, crew etc.? Or do you hold on to them for next run?

Tyrone Loots says:

da best

doomblackdragon says:

Seems like a good game.

whitelionz limpingwolf says:

Ship layout reminds me of Sundog from that Atari 1040st days

Roberto Silva says:

Big fan of Bruce Willis, I think Hudson Hawk is the most underrated of his movies :3

Alex R says:

Rocky five? Megaman x reference?

demonmercer says:

this game look great btw congrats on 50k subs I’ve been here since neo scavenger and rebuild gangs of deadville 😀

Raidenze says:

I love you Falcon, but Samurai of Hyuga 2 calls me! TO THE BUSHIDO! (I’m pretty sure I use that word wrongly but wadeva)

xavdel0 says:

Does put an extract at the beginning work for video ?

Pepper Spray says:

Wow, met the Geth on the first run, nice.

Joshua Fox says:

Makes me glad you can’t copyright game mechanics. This seems superior to FTL in every way. Please do more!

White Heart says:

This game looks interesting. Kind of like a better version of FTL. Now I don’t know if I want this game or Halcyon 6.

Mr.H says:

LOL. Falcon Punch? yes?

Tristan Malone says:

Space kappa.

BlessedR says:

keep this one.I love it

Bumble Mee says:

Awesome!  Make this a series please!! 🙂

Erik István Fejes says:

Robots are paying reparations to you now. XD

Tim Ask says:

Sweet game! More 🙂

keno decock says:

hello early birds 😉

freedom fighter 101 says:

this game is super awsome I remember when u played it In early access and I loved it you have to do more it going to awsome captain falcon <3

Grizzly says:

Wait if its a full release why are perks ”coming soon!” ?

FredSpade says:

It’s holding up quite well since it’s post-FTL beginnings.

saratoubi says:

You know what I need from these games? Multiplayer. Please. There are so many games that are like FTL, and multiplayer would be a blast. Think about it: you explore space with your friend(s) and get into all sort of adventures and fun. Make a turn by turn based “fight your friends” mode. Not so much a “I take my turn you take yours”, but we both take our turns at the same time. Like Toribash. There are soooo many ways that you could implement multiplayer. Have each player assigned to a character and control them. Have a couple mini-games or something that they could do. And yes, I know there are games like this already (although I can’t remember their names off the top of my head), but why cant FTL games do this as well. Hell, have a mode where players compete against each other and explore the same universe. Imagine it: having 2 or more friends running around the galaxy stealing all your valuable resources and side quests, and you track them down and kill them in a fit of rage and hilarity. I would play the absolute s*** out of that game. That game would be a blast. Hell, maybe that mode could even be co-operative instead of just purely pvp. The potential there is so much and I am honestly shocked that no one in the game industry has capitalized on it. Or at least not to my knowledge. Maybe this game already exists and I’m stupid, but I doubt it. Well if you made it all the way through my rant then thank you for reading. Have a good day.

Fred Fox says:

Best Rocky is Rocky III… Mr. T can’t be beat! Good video!

Trident says:

falcon punch !

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