Space Marines Gameplay – Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Space Marines are finally here in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada! Wage war with these close range brawlers armed with the finest weapons of the Imperium! The Space Marines will be available to play in the Battlefleet Gothic Armada Multiplayer as well as in skirmish modes. Welcome to Battlefleet Gothic Armada a new RTS set in the Warhammer 40k universe where you are charged with protecting the Gothic sector from a massive Chaos fleet.

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Marcus Clark says:

missed imperial fists

MrTBSC says:

kinda instresting how much the sc2 battlecruiser actualy looks like a battlebarge

steve honaker says:

Space Marines!

Jamie Billington says:

rofl i thought you knew something about 40k… and u pick ultramarine? 🙁

PlayerTheUltimate says:

I like how you can send a space marine breach assault unto the enemy ships, then 3 seconds later just blow the ship up with your soldiers in it. May you rest in peace brothers!

spark Reaper says:

oh ye and second comment

William Roark says:

Just noticed that the IN and SM descriptions are the same.

idan Ben Avi says:

finally some space marines was waiting for this.

MemeJihad says:

Bringing a knife to a space battle and purging the xenos. For the Emperor.

Raziel says:

what this video before the content was officially released? when I looks at the Favors there was no option to change the chapter, only to choose whether the ship was the Librarian’s, Forge master, ect.

Killer Orca says:

Wait when did Space Marines come out?

Fuck Google+ says:

I hope the next faction they add is the Skaven.

TK4037 says:

I bought the DLC, but it won’t show up in game for some reason.
I got the Newsfeed, but nothing else that’s listed.
Any insight would be helpful.

Scruffy Black Templar says:

5:36 i feel as if the entirity of the space marine factions would be masters at boarding.

Predi12 says:

blood ravens would steal the whole sector

WarsmithHuggy says:

fucking glorious!

eggmancorp says:

Battul brothas! SPESS MEHREENS! todeh deh enemeh is at oar doar!

Casin S. says:

Wait, so do Dark Angels not have Ravenwing flyers? I’m not sure if a Nephilim Jetfighters can fight in space tho

Captain Harlock says:

Wait are they gonna drip feed dlc the races? Man Screw that I’ll just wait till they release all the races!

fai latief says:

i’m soory but did i just hear TAU??? what next necrons??!!

gundam116 says:

Blood Angels!!

Nick Crusaire says:

that ship is called the cruiser cruiser strike, makes the game literally unplayable 0/10. also no iconic blood ravens while mixing in all these unknown subfactions into the mix.


Darth Panzer says:

Is Stehl rehn a good tactic?

Lord_Cylarne says:

Glad to see you’re not tired of Battlefleet Gothic.

Atomseure says:

Necrons would be great love those race

e21big says:

Even THE FALLEN are offered forgiveness…

That Guy says:

Ew why the hell are you playing as Ultramarines.

Rhaegrim says:

Ultrasmurfs of course
Beacuse there are the best spehs mareens chapter ever.
Spiritual liege save us.
But seriously.
The Tau are next so i guess they will have their septs.

solarmacharius says:

Are you using SweetFX or something in BFG:A? Your textures look a lot sharper than my game.

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