Space Hulk: Deathwing – Should You Buy It? (Terminator Assault Gameplay)

Here’s a brief discussion on Space Hulk: Deathwing in its current state. I’ll amend my views in a couple of weeks when I play the launch version of the game. I’ll go over what I think can improve and what I would like to see in the game too.


Darth Panzer says:

I also hope that it gets better, they shouldn’t fuck this up.

Alsemenor says:

This makes me sad. I had really looked forward to this game, I had really hoped that it would turn out to be a gem in the rough.

Ursine Warrior says:

Surreal…….. why the fuck….. did you call…. A FUCKING GIF AS JIF ????

egmin eliasi says:

Its Unfortunate that the game focused more on a singleplayer campaign with you having to control AI’s as opposed to being able to play a proper multiplayer with the full functions of campaign mode, in my opinion its a lazy attempt at them making the enemy AI seem stronger then it is since they dont want u to play with 4 teamates

j Porter says:

hahaha that Tokshen chat

the dirty bubble says:


Grand Master 3rd Company Baelold Tarilion says:

The biggest thing all the naysayers are forgetting is the lore that is 40k. Armored Super Humans (Space Marines) that have a mass 2 1/2 times larger then a large human. The small fighting spaces are important because your fighting on a Cadian Battle Barge which is a standard size human imperial Army. The Devs are trying to stay true to the Lore. The inaccurate weapons and large cone of fire and the simplistic melee is correct due to the sheer size of the weaponry. For example, the power sword from the Librarian would weigh hundreds of pounds…from a long time 40k guy I would highly recommend this game, however I would take some time to understand the lore of 40k. The mutated neophytes and servitors with stubber pistols would definitely damage a terminator over time. I think the game play is great because the focus on the lore is mostly accurate. The game is not perfect and can be improved but the moment they try to appease the Call of Duty fan base I’m done with it. The game should make you feel cumbersome because you are a Space Marine in Terminator Armor. You are a damn walking tank. Also, for the Tyranid fans out there. Put the game on hardest difficulty and watch your squad get ripped to shreds…For the futuristic feel that people think is lacking… I say again learn the lore…40k is a weird mixture of high fantasy and far future…example Plasma Cannon standing next to your Assault Terminator with a Mace and Kite shield…if you want futuristic human warfare go play Call of Duty Infinite Warfare or Titan Fall 2…for me I cant wait to see what the full game has to offer. “Forward onto Glory for the God Emperor of Man Kind!”

Corey Muravnick says:

Having played the vermintide beta, it was alot more polished than the deathwing beta. It had more level, less bugs, and just seemed more like a finished product that Deathwing. The deathwing beta seems more like an alpha or a glorified demo.

Nick Colgate says:

I played the beta and I can’t help but feel limited and clunky throughout playing it and while it is within the premise of the Space Hulk idea, I feel very limited in movement, sure Terminators aren’t very mobile but gameplay wise, it’s lacking. Also I notice Tyranids (not hybrids) using ladders rather than climbing on walls.

It’s a shame they’re having the open beta out so late as at this point, it’s too late in the development cycle to really filter through the feed backs and make the changes really needed into the gameplay. They were low key for far too long.

Ben Bevan says:

When it comes to lore, its strange they picked the Dark Angels Deathwing, when Blood Angels have traditionally been the heroes of the tabletop version. Also I have to agree the game does not look good right now, which is sad.

Jakel666 says:

aint respawning kinda fail … its Space hulk, suiside missions for terminators

Vangaurdius says:

I just can’t get over how terrible the sounds are. The weapons sound like stock sounds from audio editors and the voice acting is abysmal. I’d be willing to ignore the voice acting but everything sounds like toys and the tyranids themselves also sound like some default sound effect. The gameplay itself seems really really shallow. Its like vermintide was a poor mans left 4 dead, and this is a poor mans vermintide. Plus using p2p right now is awful and servers are really cheap now especially from a business perspective. And I understand in the lore hulks were occupied by genestealers but I feel like because this is a video game they should have including the other types of tyranids so you have more enemy types to deal with that require different strategies.

q w says:


wittlescwappy megalon says:

this game has got its heart in the right place – but i think it will need time and dedicated support to do well.

shuckabey says:

looks fun even with the bug’s but i think ill wait

TaurenThij says:

It looks a lot like Quake in a coop setting. Not necessarily a bad thing but think such a setting attracts nostalgic people more than mordern gen.

PrinzMegahertz says:

There needs to be a mission where the goal is to find an archive record viewer. Man, I miss that thing.

Paul powell says:

honestly i belive the game will be a big flop but…. hopefully im wrong and it will be epic still i brought the game hoping im wrong as i loved playing space hulk as a kid best boardgame ever

ares106 says:

Are those cultists you are fighting? that makes no sense.

Def Dreadlock says:

I thought it came out for Xbox one I was going to buy it today

Ibram Cain says:

Should you buy it? What kind of heresy is that question?

Huey says:


Alex Callahan says:

Hopefully all will be well by the time it is released on consoles.

Matteo Cortigiani says:

Just a precision: Assault cannon bearers are not Assault class. “Assault class” in WH40K terms is close combat. Lightning claws, Thunder hammer & Storm shield, or (when not in Terminator armour) jetpack, bolt pistol & chainsword.

Matt Ellis says:

such a bad game atm:( nothing like the lore

HISlawyer says:

I feel like the Deathwatch would have been a better chapter, given the nature of Kill Teams and how small they can be, a 4-Terminator squad would have made more sense for fluff purposes.

FeelsBadMan says:

would be cooler with more sound/dialog between the terminators

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