Space Hulk Deathwing Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (1080p) – No Commentary

Space Hulk Deathwing Walkthrough Gameplay that covers the full game up until the ending.

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Galactian Omegan says:

it could be worse if imperial gaurds boarded space hulks

Harli Baron says:

If purging a Space Hulk from Tyranids where already like this
just imagine The Battle For Macragge….

Tony MusicKiller says:

so boring

Fino Diez says:

hey I was told this game has a lot of issues about performance, that it is not well optimized and lags. Is this true?

101Chromosomes says:

Listen your shit at this game. You overuse your sword and lightning charge and you keep rushing into rooms

Elda Cajal says:


Ryis Sigdeniz says:

Need to turn your sensitivity up mang!

Richmond Siranjeevi says:

is there controller support?

kko999 kko999 says:

An immensely good gameplay , glorious melee combat , thank you for it.

Lukas Skliuderis says:

we need imperium in Europe more than ever these days

Уэс Стьюди says:

Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels – БЫЛ ГОРАЗДО КРУЧЕ.

William Levy says:

dude, you need to slow down! i cant take in the scenery or the atmosphere

its all like “we are the angels of dea-”
“brother, where are you goin-”

That Game Dude84 says:

i wanna play this game so bad lol.

Nakor Z says:

I really appreciate the no commentary. It’s so tiresome being unable to find gameplay of something without having to hear some narcissist YTer’s 2 minute SFX intro followed by an account of their life followed by their inane commentary on every detail.

alan yang says:

Not easy to understand robot voice and this game has small text.

zar athustra says:

Cool vid – subbed. =]

Signor Winter says:

Why do people hate on this?

tyraelpl says:

Why is this game so poorly rated on steam? It look fine i think… What’s it problem?

Ondo Tonko says:

waste of time to see that!!!!….

Walt Man says:

ah Blade Runner ui sounds…. ahh… bliss

Imperial Royal Guard says:

When the f*ck did this come out? I wasn’t even aware it released and I’ve been following this game’s development since it was first announced.

hyenachase f says:

what i dont get is my pc struggles and its a least twice the power of a ps4 and xbox one,so how the hell can the consoles run this game ?

Scrim TV says:

pls dont play fps with a pad ever again

Random says:


DialgaMarine3 says:

So is this game very Left 4 Dead-esque like Vermintide? If so, I’m already sold.

Crispy says:

Walkthrough? More like a speed run.

Iam jerry says:

Wait this is out for consoles?

Galdozino says:

Running all the time without enjoying the scenary ruined this walkthrough for me.

DestroyerGhost Gaming says:

Oh, how I love warhammer and it’s games

Jozef Tešlár says:

MAsakr do hajzlu! Ať už to hraji! 😀 😀

Samael says:

why is that tunder bolter so slow

killeing says:

I can never hear this name without thinking of the incredible hulk in space XP……

L' Inquisition says:

L’Inquisition tolère cette vidéo selon l’ordre mk40.000 848787/87/8

Samuel Gorton says:

is this in the warhamner universe

Metadragon says:

So why is this game reviewed so poorly?

MrAkaalis says:

The religion of Unitology seems to be a pretty big influence to the dark *feel* of this game.

danny boyo says:

So is this going to suck as much as Blood Bowl II or will it exceed even that crap pile in its failure?

Mynor Anderson says:

This fucking game is great. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says. It’s a fucking rush.

sonic kidd24 says:

looks good

Martin Tan says:

19:52 Calculation Running. Good God, what are those calculations running on? DOS?

What's A Plant says:

p-p-p-purge the heresy

SpaceLizard MasterWizard says:

in the opening the video pop ups were the discord notification noise and i kept checking.

Bayek Thailand says:

fps only or tps can play?


ya know what would be cool for this game ? a GREY KNIGHTS dlc

Alex Nicholson says:

I’m here

King of the Moon says:

I love the atmosphere of the Space Hulk. Its like Alien, except SPACE MAREENS.

Eric Simon says:

looks like a lot of walking around…

Xerosch says:

I can understand why people find this kind of gameplay repetetive, but I actually enjoy these kind of games (Left4Dead, Vermintide and so on).
Looking forward to getting this game when the enhanced version is available for consoles.

Kenn Har says:

Is it possible that they’ll introduce chaos marines?

Radical Rain says:

No commentary….

Thank fuck for that

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