Space Hulk Deathwing | Gameplay | Chapter 1

WOW This game is action packed!
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Petri Helenius says:

Brother Marines
Our scanners have failed us
You have one squad available for your command
Deploy your squad here
Move at least one Terminator here
The enemy will come from these zones
The Emperor has dictated your squad’s weaponry
We are the mailed fist of the Emperor
Bless your weapons and go

Dj Cosmos says:

that game is amazing

Herlander25 says:


Funniest Pilot says:

I play Bad moon orks in Warhammer 40,000. You can be a Weirdboy. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Khirru's Rage says:

All i heard was him saying “GODDAMN” xDDDDDD

Josh T says:

that’s was bad getting this game hopefully on birthday this Friday

TigerLily666 says:

This video has 28 epic “god damn”s! And nice background music, too!

Cyclonus - Transformers The Last Knight & More says:

good game

Richard Brown says:

Very very cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Drenamow says:

Hey outermiddleshow, thanks for making my day! I love your videos you are amazing! And the forest videos you made helped me out a bunch! Thanks you are amazing! How dont you have like millions of subs yet?

WhySoSerious says:

Plz play 7 days to die!

Gotobar 1313 says:

144p makes this experience worthwhile.

Louis Vnm says:

Add me on discord (louisvnm) if anyone wants to play the forest , i need friends ;-; plz

The Spry Guy says:

this is too much for my brain and eyes to handle

Mac Mac says:

Melly Chlistmas Vradd

Robertshero says:

super hyped your playing this I’m a huge fan of the Warhammer 40k series

Dally says:

All I see is nine dolphins

TigerLily666 says:

24:26 – his friend called him Steven? I thought his real name was Aaron… oh well 😀

Gimmehlewt says:

I came because of Space Hulk Deathwing. I stayed because it’s Mad Vlad!

DemonicGamer Steve says:

what ever happened to stranded deep i loved that

JobDude 234 says:

Play Left 4 Dead 2!

Sabreshift says:

Bro your fuckn crak up as usual and this was awesome gameplay, enjoying seeing you grow man hope your having a blast!

Nathan Spencer says:

Here’s a fun game ; Count the number of times you hear the word, ” Damn ” in this video.

Zergtrap Deathtrap says:

I think a great game for the channel is mad max

Funkymonkey says:

Rus guide you brother

Tomas Coronel says:

hey Vladd whats the intro song you use? and also you are hella awesome

Elocyaz exerdan says:

he said he leveled up 2 seconds after seeing his brethren in puddles

Patrik Šoma says:

im getting ps1 flashbacks! What is the game Im thinking of?

Brandon Gonzales says:

happy to c this new video. This game is awesome but your awesome too thank you vladd

Evil Chief931 says:

this game is bad ass

Fabulous Joker says:

My man! Your channel is freaking huge and growing fast as fuck. I hope you and your family are doing good, you sexy mofo <3

vienveeta says:

If this comment gets over 50 likes, do a subscriber server for a game!


You need to play raft. I think you will love that game

Ooter Duder says:

“OH MY GOD one hitter quitter bro”.. Dude smokes out for sure, would love to burn one with him!

Meowzers says:

dayum that was badass

Hoopsure says:

If anyone is wondering where Vladd went and why he hasn’t posted any videos recently, he is horrifically sick right now. He made a short video on his Facebook page on whats going on. He will hopefully be back soon, but he might be out for a bit.

Jack Meoff says:

Why are these units stolen straight out of Warhammer 40k?

Don't Give a Shit says:

Hey man i really love your hat where did you bought this ?

Homgrwn says:

Really glad you like the game. I was sitting there and thought I wanted to get you something for Christmas so what’s better than a game….lol!!!!

Monster Hunter says:

you smoke weed vladd

Bloodyprovo says:

You would vape…you fag

Defec Tec says:

Okay, so I’m late time for a joke… 😀

My life.

Jack Swagger says:

play more killing floor 2

-Cymbaline - says:

Great video as always! It looks like your wearing the shirt I sent 🙂 That’s so great! Have a great New Year hon!

Sune The gaming dog 1337 says:

plz do not stop playing these game

Noah the_lime says:

Luv it!!

Defec Tec says:

Subnautica isn’t going to be released until mid may… Which sucks for me because I just bought it and am waiting for the full version 😛
What’s even worse is I spoiled the entire storyline for myself so I know all about the **********

Joe Mckeen says:

hey matphlat I just wanted to let you know I am a big fan I’ve been here since the beginning u think I was the twelfth subscriber and I think your hilarious, excited for subnawtica 🙂

Tyson Rich says:

Fucking lit

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