Space Hulk Deathwing First Gameplay Trailer

The Space Marine Terminators take on the Genestealers in this action-heavy first-person shooter.

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RXdash78 says:

Man why can’t w get a 40k game like this where you can play as the tau.

Yuno Gasai says:

Dark Angels. There are no closet heretics here. Move along.

Lone Wolf says:

A single player game – anything else?

Fanático says:

This looks awesome, its like Starcraft meets Aliens.

SuperShit411 says:

hope they have an option to turn off crosshairs

MrPeanut624 says:

Fighting through giant gothic cathedrals floating through space filled with monsters that make the alien from Alien look cuddly as an unstoppable engine of destruction?

Sign me up!

Matthew Zumbo says:

dude i am so getting this!

Raymond St Paul says:

Can’t wait for this game hopefully its also for PC!

illturralli says:


Lucas Ferrante Chopper says:


Grognatz says:

Wow, really nice to look. “Thumbs up” 🙂 How do you get such a great
Video? I try my best with mine, but I never get a video like yours 🙁

toprowsky123 says:

maybe this will ease the pain caused by dawn of war 3

Simon Murphy says:

What kind of pokeball will you need to catch a Broodlord?

raltz says:

Is this like a killing floor? cuz End times has lost a lot of players

themutantlizard says:

This looks like a proper version of colonial marines

Tyler Pippin says:

2:00 lol he has an M16

zerothehero123 says:

This looks absolutely amazing! Now if only somebody could get the Horus Heresy series onto the big screen I’d die a happy man!

ethan philpot says:

I want this game inside me

Drek McMeme says:

finally an imperial guard fps, about time.

Nexlevel says:

I know there is Warhammer 4k finatics out there complaining about how this is irrelavant to the lore such and such, but other than them screwing up on what it’s supposed to be, can you guys tell me if the game is good? Is it fun? Does it get repetitive? I don’t care too much for the lore so if I can get some feedback from you guys that would be great 🙂

Kauzer says:

shut up and take my money!

Grabaka Sennin says:

This is it. This is how I’ve envisioned the ultimate manifestation of this game to be, for 20 years.. in my dreams.. Take my money.

Astartes Master Remiel says:

I know people say to not pre order games, but I think I can make an exception here.

Sivaraj Santhira says:

By the Emperor, my legs are OK.

Because Streum On 😉

Warren Colburn says:

A great day is upon all Warhammer 40k fans with the announcement of this possible masterpiece.

Styx Hellmouth says:

this game = Clive Barker’s Jericho

James says:

i know its far too late now but imagine how cool a mechanic it wouod be if when one of your brothers fall, you have to defend them so the gene seed can be deep striked out else theres a higher chance of a genestealer broodlord popping up due to him consuming it.

Aaron Davies says:

Warhammer has been done too death, find something new

Rex W says:

A new Warhammer game? Featuring Tyranids? Shut up and take my money

SLick Kinshin says:

The maps look so gaint like pause at 52sec

Matt D says:

Been waiting for this game for over a year!

My only gripe is the Genestealers equipped with rifles and rocket launchers. Would have liked to have seen them sticker close to the table top like with everything else in this game. Perhaps discovering more of the Tyranid race.

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