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The Earth is dying, ravaged by decades of calamity. As humanity abandons its burning homeworld, you and your crew are among the privileged few with access to a temporary haven and a chance at survival. Build your ship and gather your crew to carry you between the stars. Choose whether you will be heroes or villains as you struggle to survive, or watch your ship become a tomb for other, more successful crews to loot. Whatever happens, it is up to you to chart your course. Space Haven combines the emergent story telling components of RimWorld with a tile-based gas-simulation system seen in Oxygen Not Included. The game tasks the player to build spaceships tile by tile, create optimal gas conditions, manage the needs and moods of their crew, encounter other space-faring groups, and explore the universe in search of a new Earth. Space Haven inhabits such interesting features as the possibility to vent spaceships from all gases, killing and butchering aliens for their meat, finding a person asleep in a hypersleep chamber aboard a derelict ship, having a space burial for a fallen crew member, and role-playing as a notorious pirate, cold-hearted slave trader, prosperous merchant or an alien hunter. Space Haven is inspired by games like RimWorld, Spacebase Df-9 and Oxygen Not Included.

Customize – Complete freedom to build a spaceship or station of your own desire. Place every piece of ship hull, wall, door and facility wherever you want.
Functional – All facilities serve a purpose. Crew members will sleep in beds, use toilets, be disturbed by a noisy room and praise you for an arcade machine.
Space Haven is a space colony sim allowing for a lot of freedom regarding building. A functional spaceship can be built tile-by tile, giving you the opportunity to shape a spaceship of your own desire. It can be symmetric and streamlined, or an asymmetrical whimsical looking thing. It does not have to look like a conventional spaceship depicted in sci-fi literature, you are free to design your own, the choice is yours!

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john98765333 says:

Rimworld is already technically in space, compared to us. And this doesn’t seem much like Rimworld at all.

Fred christian Aves says:

that’s a nice looking game!

TouchMe - sama says:

I love your video, keep it up man 😀

Emergency Shotput says:

It’s the new rimworld update where you have to manage the Colonists in space before and after the planet

Aksel Junkkila says:

Hmm, you should not have those black bars 🙂 How did you get those? The game does support all standard resolutions. We will look into it.

modivin says:

Looking great! Hopefully this game can achieve what Double Fine had promised but never bothered to deliver with Spacebase DF-9.

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