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——————————————-PC SPECS—————————————–
Case – NZXT H700i
CPU Cooling – NZXT Kraken X62
Motherboard – NZXT N7 Z370 ATX LGA 1151 Black
GPU – EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Gaming Black Edition
CPU – Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHz 6-Core
Power Supply – Seasonic Focus Plus 850W 80+ Gold
RAM – G.SKILL TridentZ Series RGB 3200 Mhz 16GB (32 Total)
Storage – Samsung 960 Evo 1TB M.2 x2
OS – Microsoft Windows 10 Pro


Damon3580 says:

Bere when you have a flashlight only use it when you throw a pallet and the killer breaks it or you try to save someone you shouldn’t waste it by using it when the killer runs at you because you will most likely get hit

EXOR Studios says:

Why would u flashlight it? if i were u I would just Run.

FunTimeVidz says:

You could have just ran for the trap door in the end XD

Legendary_ _Memes says:

Bere you might not read this because it’s about Minecraft and it’s wonderful update but for it to be explained better I suggest watching this video
75 things added in Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic by IDeactivateMC and he has all the information you need

Sadie Marousch says:

I mean bere not here

Rav en says:

i suggest you guys play soul at stake 😀 its like dead by daylight you can be a gambler which is human and devil as killer this is the description Soul at Stake is an oriental-themed 1v4 surviving horror game. There once was an luring urban myth saying that if one can win the game would gain countless money, and his/her destiny would instantly change to become the mightiest overnight. All the participants need only one stake——their souls. people think about this game is The most unique feature is by far the shop mechanic. I absoluetley LOVE this mechanic, it makes doing objectives FUN (something that DbD could never say). Objectives come in the form of shrines and require cards to be added to them, and the number on the card represents how much progress is made towards finishing the shrine. You need exactly 21 total card numbers to finish the shrine, and 5 shrines need to be done. Each gambler (survivor) starts with 3 random cards, and more cards can be bought at the shop.

The thing that makes objectives fun is not only the active thinking of what cards you’ll need to finish it, but also the fact that putting cards into shrines rewards you with coins. The coins can be spent at the aforementioned shop for more cards to finish the shrine BUT there’s also other fun items that can be bought from the shop with excess coins. These items include things such as a card that randomly teleport you somewhere on the map and a card that instantly heals you for 1 health state. The items are surprisingly fun to mess around with.

Devils (killers) are also geuinely scary. They can teleport to the shrines at will so you could be spontaneously attacked at any moment while working on the objectives. Another thing to note is that you can’t look behind you while running (the camera is fixed to always point where your character is facing, this means you also can’t look around while healing, being healed, doing shrines, etc) and the devil’s heartbeat cannot be heard while running. This, and the ability for the devil to teleport to shrines, makes the devil very unpredictable and terrifying.

Overall I think it deserves a spot in the limelight with Dead by Daylight and should be recognized as a worthy competitor and not a cheap clone. Unfortunatley, I had to refund the game due to FPS issues (don’t worry the game isn’t horribly poorly optimized, it’s just that my computer is literally a laptop lmao, it was playable but I don’t think I could handle that fps constantly) but I’d definitley encourage others to at least give it a try.

Side note, queue times aren’t instant but you’ll still find a game if you just wait a bit. This review is also just the tip of the iceberg, there’s more cool stuff too like the gambling based progression system, but you can figure those out for yourself ;3

Maggie MccBuzz says:

Bereghost! U and the fgn crew should play dead realm again! Just me personally think it would be fun to bring it back again! Just my opinion. Like if u agree

the Minecraft player says:

Do more Roblox Videos

Hat in time fan 458 aka tj says:

Shut it pix

Alejandro Bernal says:

When tixies dies her tombstone will say that tixie was a no good camper and deserverd to die

TeamBoss says:

Pix a camper

Dane dog playz says:


Jared Freeston says:


Amiel Singo says:

Road to episode 100

Ender Dragon says:

Stop telling pixie how to ues the clown so you could win

Anthony Garrastazu says:

I’m a big fan!! Subbed!!

Mark Klebba says:

can you guys bring back cookies vs claus please

ImAmMe says:

Do more gta 5 pls

Reesey Pooh says:

I think you guys should play Ark Survival Evolved, it is a game about surviving in a Dinosaur infested land. You can also tame your dinosaurs to conquer the land, sky and sea. Please like if you agree 😀

Timothy Sarmiento says:

Tomorrow is my birthday

Nman4000 says:

She odiously had a perk if she found him that fast

II Ayman_KSA5588 II says:

Did you really just put deja vu

Edit: I’m joking I know he chose it because every beginner does it

Ruby Bear says:

But really can you play Fortnite

Barbara Heimana says:

I love you guys! you guys are so funny!

krissifran says:

She has a perk

Braeden Hooks says:

Guys if i could have 1 wish i would be apart of the fgn crew for 1 day

II Ayman_KSA5588 II says:

Its episode 91 and they are still noobs

Echomanner2 says:

Poor tyler he got mori quick and foul play for pixie

Nomonkeybiz 22 says:

You guys should do donation

Trollergamer games says:

i love your videos bereghost

THE Chesburgerzr fzz says:

Play Murder mystery 2 in Roblox

Meow Cake says:

Pixie: Alright time to

Braeden Hooks says:

Hey guys and gals can you play more ghost recon wild lands

Mr. Dynomite says:

the spider gods is something called the entity

ClutchPlaysPC says:

Bere a good build for survivors is decisive strike, self care, dead hard, and iron will.

ForfeitAphid322 AKA Ricardo Ramos says:

Only if Tixey were to be ripped out of the harch

ShadowChaos says:

… Idk why you kept turning around and using the flashlight you would of been better off just running

DoggeDoge21 says:


Superowlgamer Tyler says:

U can savage the Hucks

Seth Jenkins says:

Awesome video

Huntress in da morning says:

I suggest not using the flashlight like that especially on killers like the clown
Use it when the killer is vaulting or breaking a pallet

and when a survivor is being picked up

elijah steele says:

Every time your cat peark light up the killer is near

cool dude957 jimmy says:

Hi I’m a big fan I have been watching your vids for so long I remember your GTA series

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