Space games of (early) 2019

What updates and games are coming to the space genre for 2019?

Games included:
Elite Dangerous
Star citizen
No man’s sky
X4 : foundations
Faster than light
Reble galaxy outlaws
Redout Space assault


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luciusnetheril says:

Can’t wait for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw! Rebel Galaxy is fun game and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw seems like that and Freelancer had a baby and then fed that baby with crack, instead of baby powder milk.

Hugh Jass says:

Ive been enjoying Hellion, it went into ea last year and the devs have come a long way with it, but it really has a long way to go. Id love to see you check it out, though. I highly recommend it for fans of space sims.


is this a jab at star citizen lol 8:30

Harv Begal says:

Glad I wasn’t planning on buying the next rebel galaxy game a anyways.

Dastren says:

Thanks for the game JOURNALISM Yamiks! I would also recommend to take a look at Endless Space 2, competitor to Stellaris, but with focus on unique faction mechanics and heroes. p.s. That tingling sensation from SC reference 😀

duachim says:

Sticking with what I know is already good, Elite Dangerous and Warframe. Been playing warframe for 5 years and Elite for 2, both are already top played games and I highly doubt that will change.

Chadwick McCarty says:

Not even a mention of Star Trek Online, has it fallen off its casino slot machine pedestal that much has it?

I’m looking forward to ED’s future content later this year. I still think ED is more simulator than game but it is enjoyable as it is.

I still think Star Citizen is some sort of 90210 country club access only vapor ware. Possibly a great space game for the entitled but it is always in the future.

I still want to purchase No Man’s Sky. Its recover story alone is interesting. I plan to buy it eventually when it is on sale.

X4 I’ll buy later down the road when it is on sale & more of the bugs have been fixed. it is a good series & possibly great game it just needs fixes.

Stellaris is a major backhole of time lol, but also a good fun game. I do need to pick-up that Corporate DLC.

I still need to try-out Warframe. I hear good things about it, but I’m just not sure I can get immersed with the space ninja aspect.

Starfield has fallen off my must buy list because of Bethesda’s attitude towards releasing their games, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

I have Rebel Galaxy & really enjoy its approach, but with its Epic exclusive decision I’ll be skipping RG Outlaw for now till it is more accessible.

I’ve played EVE a few times, but I’ve never been a fan of PvP so I just cannot justify investing money into it, but it is a gorgeous game & can be fun.

Bosie says:

No battlefleet gothic 2, shame on you! 🙂

Radioactive Ali says:

The Outer Planets?

MordethKai says:

I hear a lot of good things about warframe, but F2P is trash, aint touching it. Western AAA, however, is even worse doing F2P monetization in full priced games…..

William00048 says:

So, What Elite does it does well but there are a catalogue of things that Elite doesn’t do that it should. We have no autonomy as people, we can’t walk, we can’t take transport on other ships to get to our other ships, we can’t hire ourselves out to fly ships for others. I would love to join the Federal or Empire Space Navy as a fighter pilot. Pretty great galaxy but no game. Star Citizen might actually be a game with Sqn 42 but it is a catalogue of broken promises and appears to be massively expensive. All the others seem meh, with the exception of X4: Foundations which could potentially be awesome.

Ezequiel Reis says:

I remember the time you played PLANETSIDE 2

Rob Murray says:

I MIGHT buy Rebel galaxy outlaws when it comes to Steam…Eventually… If in that year, something better comes along!

Sinnaj63 says:

No Endless Space 2, 0/10 would write comment complaining about no Endless Space 2.

James Dobbs says:

Star citizen roadmap. ….chocolate teapot.

CPY says:


Omega Destroyer says:

Star Citizen is the biggest scam since the invention of the wheel

Creamy Goodness says:

Companies are using Epic coz they get better percentage deals and I would gladly use it if some of the savings were passed on the end user.
But guess what?

SpartanSlash says:

*Ends with footage of him ejecting from a mustang*

Ataren says:

No Dual Universe? That’s a shame.

Senor Gato says:

Angels Fall First. It’s like oldschool Battlefront 2, or Planet Side, mixed with what Star Citizen wants to be (RE flying a capitol ship, space fighter, or boarding enemy ships). Give it a look.

TORCHED Dreadnought says:

hmm Starfield….o wait… I learned my lesson… /points at FO76

davie123davie says:

i farted and nearly made my self sick

ThatJerseyBloke says:

I find Star Citizen the most fulfilling as far as experience, X4 the most fun to play, and Elite Dangerous still disappoints despite the potential.

potter ochoa says:

EVE Online a zombie?? Nah man, more like a old man hahahaha

Edit: its hard to get into, but the sense of satisfaction after your first solo kill, or the shakes you get while trying to get it or the big fleet fights for me it’s priceless.

TheCraziestFox says:

Nobody ever mentions Helium Rain…

Lukos0036 says:

EVE Online’s community is toxic to the level of radioactivity. Avoid it at all costs.

grittynerd says:

I am waiting for something new that is more in the “sim” word but most of the known games are in a their own limbo (ED and Star Citizen). X4 is more of a managerial game with some action on top, the new Rebel Galaxy more of an easy going space fighting thing. Good to play but not ideal for me.
So for 2019 i’ve more hope with the upcoming Mechwarrior 5: years and years ago the alternative to space sims was that series, not just because you could use HOTAS but for the customizing of your vehicles, the fun of battles and going around in different planets. Hopefully the new title will give some of that experience back.

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