Space Engineers Survival: Ep. 01 – SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST -= Gameplay & Walkthrough =-

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to a brand new series about “Space Engineers” survival mode. Come with me on another space adventure to learn and master this incredible game in early access!
In today’s episode, we’re getting familiar with the survival aspect of the game, maintaining our ship, gathering and refining ores and assembling new parts. Hope you enjoy:)

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Kevin MacLeod:


BattleBuilder says:

will starmade stop now ???

Markus Mines says:

great new project! i didn’t know it has a survival mode.

Pauline Caymo says:

I actually like this kind of let’s play/tutorial. You get to learn stuff when you’re planning to buy a game. Thanks!

Leon Priest says:


myfreetime123 says:

Is this game a sandbox type game? What is the scale? I’ve always wanted to play a proper space exploration game

Ujvári Mátyás says:

It looks much better than the blocky one : D

Nordin says:

great game keep playing but dont stop with star made also a very funny game 

Marek S says:

It’s a very nice game, especially in survival. At the moment there is a glitch with the doors – it looks like they open half way through, but they actually open all the way, only animation is wrong. They need to fix it in next update. Also you can recharge your space suit in cockpit. The first thing I did when I started, was constructing a mining ship with 3 drills in front and started mining as much as I could, so I could have materials to build stuff and uranium to power my base (you’ll need a lot of it).

AkitakeKun says:

Though yeah it sounded like a tutorial sort of. Try to be more relaxed and go a little less proffesionnal, it’s supposed to be entertainment afterall. So get your funny & laughing side out :3

Micheal Welch says:

Ok, all i have to say is, your voice makes you sound like a really cool dude 😛 Not tryin to be a dick but you kinda sound like a stoner xD Again not tryin to be a dick.You sound fuckn awesome.

Moss says:

Very good quality comments 🙂 you speak well and you kept me interested

Ender T says:

Nathan When Mining in a Dark Place Or in a Dark Place Press ‘L’ to Use Your Light On a Ship Or on Your Space Suit

sh o says:

i dont fucking get it! how people get all the rock in the background space. On mine there are none and just make the space look so empty and deppressing! Please help!!

Bret Aspenson says:

I got this game!

Leonelf says:

I kind of expected that 😀 Yay!

Вячеслав Сергеевич says:

I’m so glad that you started playing this game. But I still sad that you stopped playing KSP…

Memeosaurus Swegx says:

“The Dick site is really black.” :O

Ryan Roga says:

Once you finally get going your video is good. I’m so fucking sick and tired of people’s over-animated “hello” bullshit. Just tell people what they’re watching your video for and start talking about that topic. No bullshit. There’s plenty of bullshit out there already. Assume a new viewer has wasted a good hour looking for a “good” video before they’ve come to your video. It’s not a wild value, I’ve easily blown an hour looking for the information about this game that I found in this video. Good stuff, just get to it faster. /endrant

lasarousi says:

i came to see if this game is worth buying, looks like a better looking starmade but i dont really know about it.

Alfredo Marcellie says:

okay i gonna buy it now…looks interesting game 50% discount on steam now

AkitakeKun says:

Awesome 😀

Jeb Jebber says:

Oh my, what is this?.?.?.?. on the way to steam right now.

Edit: Just got the game fired it up and uh…. wtf do I do now 8). Maybe should watch your vid first.

Dylan says:

It’s not a series by Nathan without a factory lol 😀

Spongebob Squarepants says:

I have a question: If a Gravity generator is turned on does the generated gravity affect the Gravity generator?

Dropit Cris says:

YYEEEAAA!!!! I was hoping you’d do a series on this game (^∇^)

josepet5 says:


Wilco van Beijnum says:

Awesome, a new serie! I love this game!

Wicca Robin says:

Well see it’s still doing good, I just installed the free play version, with one day left or so, and came here so I can give it a try.
I know your mostly doing just updates, when they update it, is there a reason for that, I’d like to know, because maybe Starmade is a better choice?

Alex Trex says:

yup looks borinng af not buying thanks lol saved $7.99

Leon Priest says:


Lance Armada says:


sonicbests777 says:

How many worlds can you make?

Consternation Stern says:

Play more

Justin Travers says:

I think one of the coolest aspects of this game is the blend of real asteroids combined with 2d ones. They’ve done it in a way that you can’t actually tell which ones are real and which aren’t. Helps the immersion so much.

COEA Cobra says:

 lil tip for you on saying energy… turn off things that are NOT needed. For instance, your thrusts. As well asteroids target stations and large ships. 😉

Yiğit Atak says:

A fast question, I just bought this game, do you suggest me to play the tutorials or do you suggest me to directly play the game? thanks in advance, awesome vid!

twotailedavenger says:

You’ve got a cool accent.

DivineNerd says:

yay a new series!!! Love this game

Kuzi says:

Im so glad you making a series on this game.

shad0ws YT says:

Survival Of The Fittest DefQon. 1 😀 +Nathan’s Sandbox

Anonymous says:

Sweet, keep this series going, beast game.

Uber Darklord says:

im very late but, hey dude. If you want someone to play space engineers with im up for it.

Rabenschild says:

Dang good start!

Lance Armada says:

The ships always look small till you actually see the person standing next to it…

Subie School says:

Uranium aka The Black Gold lol XD

Fabian Hulth says:

Finaly! Space enginers! (space enginers fan)

Pevin McGee says:

Although I have been enjoying it, I wouldn’t mind a regular let’s play instead of a tutorial

SporeJunk78 says:

I’m glad you’ve started a series of this game! I bought it a why back but couldn’t really play it because of how weak my old graphics card is. I recently upgraded it and I should be more than capable of playing it now. I’m glad you’re playing this so I can have a jumping off point instead of having no clue what to do. Thanks Nathan! Appreciate the hard work as always. 🙂

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