Space Engineers Planets – EP1 – Starting Out! (Space Engineers Planets Gameplay)

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Alexander The Great says:

i fucking use x20 bitch wtf man fuck you so low on tge level bitch ass mother fucker AssHole

Necrosis007 says:

is everything he is using in the steam workshop?

Prototype MegaFireBoy says:

U suck 😛

Richard Petron says:

The fast forwarding parts are kind of nauseating

MCNT052 says:

As good as minecraft was (or bad, depending on if you liked it) its great it allowed some games to follow its steps with construction slightly (or heavily) to make some great games which otherwise wouldve been too difficult to create

PlotTwistGamer says:

Dood, I don’t care if you do 10000000x XD As long as you build cool things I’m down.

doltBmB says:

You had *35 days* of idle power, literally no need to turn the ship off.

Minecraftboy11791 says:

he does know theres oxygen right?

Robotz Bamba says:

inertial dampeners increase the gravity in the pod so you dont get affected by g forces, it wont slow you down it will speed you up

Jacks da Best says:

Also click Y key to turn power on and off

Think How says:

I subd

B5guy says:

Cool I haven’t played this game since it 1st came out I’m coming back now!!

Matthew Riley says:

+1 subscriber

Jacks da Best says:

I know right how does this guy not have like a million subs

Little Apple says:

22:55 and you’re only at 15km distance view* :p

PlotTwistGamer says:

Also, you earned my sub

PlotTwistGamer says:

Hit E to turn off ship =P

RiZz0_CS says:

damn learn to edit videos

doltBmB says:

You talk too much.

Robotz Bamba says:

that lander is a lot bigger than expected

BrokeProphet says:

Stopped when you reloaded the world. Thumb down.

Hassan Mohammed says:

is it available for 32-bit

Osmone Everony says:

Great video. I just wish I knew this game before I bought Elite Dangerous Deluxe.

ZedSoloren says:

U should made playlist

Bernard Gilbert says:

You couldn’t use any of those trees as a resource, perhaps use them to construct a log cabin as a temporary shelter or anything?

Edit: I was also thinking it might be a good idea to set up some sort of perimeter warning / defense system just in case any natural predators, or pirates, come snooping around.

Der Führer says:

gay voice

Tohtori Leipä says:



(if you haven’t seen Danny2048’s videos, You might just think Im crazy.

Luís Botelho says:

Dude, If you just payed attention to the moon u would see perfectly on wich direction the sun was.. ahahah just sayin ;p

White Knight says:

youre boring

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