Space Engineers Let’s Play (Ep 1) – THE EAGLE HAS LANDED [Beta Gameplay]

Space Engineers Episode 1: Welcome to our new planet! Complete with gravity, mountains, and even oxygen, this planet will be perfect for setting up a new base where we can build machines and ships and explore the solar system!

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TwoK3 says:

BTW inertia dampeners arent there to make you hover, they will stop you automatically no matter what direction you are moving (if you dont fly in that direction) Great video BTW

max fire says:

i love how he has his helment on when he is on a planet with air

Bertand B says:

That’s awsome.

BlueStar says:

aurodynamics mod is good so you can build airoplanes

Obi Wan Cannoli says:

this game seems too good to be true and usually when it seems like it is … it is. but ill remain optimistic and buy it

Ciaran says:

The comments complimenting you are right, your content is great you’ve really nailed solo gameplay commentary here, nice job!

casey hayward foxington says:

add thes 3 mods they will make the game a lot easier and none of them are over powered>>>> the gravel sifter >>>> no battery scrap >>>and hydrogen revamped ….hydrogen revamped mod increases the amount of time hydrogen lasts the sifter gives ore and ice from gravel but you need 100k gravel to get any sort of real ore output

hello world says:

you should get a shield mod


U need more subs

Argamis (SilverComet) says:

Amazing first episode!

Stroath Mate says:

Goes to show you don’t need anything fancy to be a good Youtuber! This content is amazing and I’m 5 minutes into the vid. You’re a natural dude! Good luck in the future! Don’t stop!

Adam Savage says:

How did you slow down i am new and can not slow down

gaahinalover says:

screw meteors, there’s an entire tv series, where the main character, is killed by a toilet seat falling from a space station. I’d rather have a meteor, least you know it’s coming and you’re not going out alone.

Head Master says:

High quality video, thank you very much!

Hextin says:

Are you fucking serious? 360p? Dude gtfo with this bullshit quit youtube honestly youre garbage. 360p in 2018? Youre pathetic.

fragwits says:

by the way , for those that never used this lander before , fly it like a helicopter. it is the most made mistake to think it flies like a plane.. and keep dampeners on (Z button.)

Hontom says:

If u want to stop, then dont press back. Juat dont press antthing

Albert Chow says:

can this game to be NOT played in first person’s view? its 50% off now and I’m getting very dizzy in first person’s view… cheers

Sezka says:

you landed at 10:26 a long time in air. late landing

Max Mays says:

love your vids please do a shout out

Black Jag says:

Good start, tap j fore free air

Article 13 says:

How do you only have 3.6k subs? This is really great content!

Super Taco says:

8:29 lol I was watching and when you came to the snowy area i got cold


I downloaded this game and then it said google chrome is a virus. What should i do?

GingerDeadMan says:

little tip, press Z to enable dampners … it will help control the ship easier

Sinusoidal says:

“Doesnt this game look so beautiful”
Have you played any other games besides this one? haha
Nice vid man 🙂

J Gained says:

You just got a new subscriber 🙂 and you have great content!

Rúben David {The Baron} says:

FINALLY ANOTHER YOUTUBER THAT’S DOING Space engineers, it’s had to find active series on this game, I hope you do disappoint, it’s foine if you do
What can I expect on this series? Will be long? Will have multiple seasons? Is it multiplayer? More mods?(commenting before o watch the video, don’t judge)

hatnkane says:

oh wow. a singleplayer lets play that actually talks about the game instead of running off on anecdotes while ignoring everything going on in the game. lovely

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