Space Engineers Gameplay Impressions

Space Engineers Gameplay

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Make sure to check out Cpt. Shack’s Channel:

This title is currently only available on PC, but is also planned for release on Xbox One.

“Space Engineers Gameplay Impressions”

Video made possible by Keen Software House:

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sh o says:

i dont fucking get it! how people get all the rock in the background space. On mine there are none and just make the space look so empty and deppressing! Please help!!

CharlesTheFirstOfAustria says:

Get reckt Ruri. 😛

Wedge's Visions says:

dat EVE background

lesquidd says:

Please! Let’s play this!!!

DonPappa Gameplays says:

Thanks to your video I decided to download the game from steam. very good! I continued with these videos!

Berzerkgamer93 says:

Only made it to about 6 mn in loving how it looks so far is there any way you can get ahold of the xbox one beta…

Paxtilhoko says:

Little piss of iron xD

TheAlkoneS says:

no mother fucker you cant play for free it is for peoples who have money GTFO you poor bich, if you dont have money go die scambag, no money no game we will not give this game to idiots without money go die or play tetris…
suck it poor bastards .I.

SuitSizeSmall says:

The Phoenix Fighter looks freaking badass.

Arno scholtz says:

Rurikan please play Beasts Of Prey.. make a video of it ! its awesome.

mrlol king says:

add me om steam mrmudpieman, let play! 😀

Dragos D says:

His ship is bigger than yours. Cool intro 😀

Garrison Ronin says:

REALLY cool.

shady guy says:

Can’t wait for xbone

Dahni Uru says:

WTF!  I’m trying to learn the game and you idiots are trying to teach me something?  lol  and bye, I’ll avoid your posts in the future….

Dillon_J says:

honestly did not expect that haha

Marc van der Vinne says:

thanks been looking for a nice game for months

SeriouStuff says:

lol  spaceship shooting  iron bullets lol..

Matthew Dixon says:

Your ship looks really good, and nice vid

bluegru says:

A timelaps of the build process of the ship would be cool

Jacob Day says:

Holy shit, intro was funny as FUCK, been subbed to shack for so long

Geo Synchronous says:

Guys. real Vagina’s aren’t square. Try it once. They’re so warm and squishy too

laaaaaaaaaaaaaagging says:

you gain one more subscribe for the intro XD

GDGamer says:

rurikhan you should play neverwinter online make a full walkthrough it is fun and i think you would like to play it and if you play it i will play it with you. 

Sam Sam says:

Thanks.  Loved the intro man!  I actually tabbed out and checked if another video just started.  

Domagoj Zivanovic says:

cant stack workers in starcraft 😛

Kian Zinzell says:


Gregory Kontour says:

Is this for Xbox one

Bradly Clarke says:

Looks cool man nice ship.

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