Space Engineers | Day 1 | Space Engineers Gameplay

Space Engineers | My first day was definitely a good day !!
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ChuckleHeadOne says:

Really enjoyed your subnautica series, and finding this one just as entertaining. Might even have to try this game, my kids love to watch and help build bases in games like these.

Vector Dancer says:

Mate I think I will be joining you on this game! looks amazing!

Ranger Farva says:

Only a few minutes in, but liking it so far. Glad to see people actually playing the game instead of just spawning in ships. Lots of people cheat for some reason.

Jason Carey says:

Hey Sausage!

I wasn’t planning on shilling my app but after you mentioned needing a block list I can’t help it. My android app allows you to track building materials among other things.

shadowsa2b says:

no idea what this game is, but looks like a bit of a more complicated interface than might be needed. the subscreen could use a little more color too so that it doesnt all look the same.
also, the overly sway-y way the player carries the tools kinda bugs me.

really though, this game just seems like super complexicated minecraft but with a lander. i guess thats the whole explore and build genre these days though

Lotek Nomad says:

Engineer all the space! 🙂

Quid says:

Freaking LOVE space engineers 😀

NoRtyN8v says:

id help you out if i can that is im in New Zealand ive logged 2761 hours

Razzors Rampage says:

Loved th bit where u qued up the music and just started speed building in the batcave, when you first stopped i was expecting Mrs.SausageFingers to jump out of the woodworck :))

Anthraxster says:

Great video you well explained a complicated game 🙂

The Dark Lord of The Sith says:

When you were mining through the rock, were you holding Shift? Doing that just destroys the terrain without leaving things to pick up.

yoloXXXL4 says:

its always so fun to watch the noobs learn and grow 😀

Captain Skyward says:

OMG YOU PLAY SPACE ENGINEERS! I PLAY THAT A LOT! maybe i could show you around one day? probably not though. i’ve logged 645 hours on space engineers 😛 addicted much

Elementalism :D says:

Space Engineers is great (it got me into SC as well)

Just to answer a few of your questions:
– Yes,that ship has an ore detector component installed
– Components don’t disappear when you have a full inventory, anything that doesn’t fit in your inventory remains on the block, if you completely destroy the block the components will fall to the ground.
(Large drops can destroy components though)
-The ship comes with spare battery parts in the storage to help get you started 😉
-You can stop the disassembly by removing items from the disassembly queue

You are right though, in SE you tend to over _thingk_ things 😉

Lvcian Guardian says:

Good game this is, I got starting into it back when it first launched (pre-mods and Multiplayer)

Samuel Hannah says:

Liked and subbed, welcome to Space Engineers

kazoosc says:

with meteors on .. got to get underground asap.
2 or 3-block wide entry starting as close to ground as possible
make room for your essentials (refinery, assembler, medical, reactor (solar cells to charge batteries are vulnerable to meteors), cargo container)

FateWeaver71 says:

please let me know if you open the server, would like to have some hep, I haven’t even built a ship yet, could use hep. I’m good at mining

Captain Skyward says:

sausage has taken the vow of silence again 😛

Tech Arena says:

plz some one give me space engineer key
my email

Samuel kings says:

Downloading the game now, will keep me busy till Star citizen alpha 3.0

Stephen Williamson says:

Not another game I now want! 🙂

vizionthing says:

please open up the server !!!

James cossey says:

yea I got space engineers a while ago. great game but I can only play by myself and not build a lot. graphic card sucks. would be cool if they implement some of the creativity from space engineers to star citizen. things like editing the design of a ship even if its just the inside of the ship. as well as build a space station of your own. Mr sausage there are also a lot of great modes that will change/improve game play. the owner of the server can dictate which mods can be used on the server. Mods that range from better interfaces to custom blocks(engines, doors, aerodynamic wings, propellers)as for solar panels there are scripts you can put into the programmable boxes, then put your solar panels on rotors. the script will make the panel turn to the sun for better power production.As for stuff to make the game easier for materials and math problems. there are phone apps that you can put in what your trying to make and it will tell you how much of what you need. as well as you put in the weight of your ship and it will tell you how many engines you need. smalls ships its not needed but large ships it is to make life easier.

David Herrera says:

i want to join the server

Paul Kendrick says:

Please continue to play. I like the watching you build and craft at speed so we get to see the farming as well.

Would have been great if you had done that with subnautica

Keep going dude and best’a’british to ya 🙂

Gector Whitlox says:

Neat! I played this quite a bit a while ago, glad to see more people trying it.

The Dark Lord of The Sith says:

Really enjoy Space Engineers. Been playing for a couple years now and I have over 1200 hours in the game. If you want some pointers or can’t get anyone else with experience. Let me know and I will give you my Steam name.

Pandorajinx says:

I would love to come play with you guys and i do know a thing or two about this game


what’s the song @ 6:36??

Bwyan says:

You’ll properly want to build some turrets connected to a conveyor system for ammo to avoid the asteroids. Just remember to also turn down the effective range on the turrets so they don’t waste ammo targeting irrelevant meteors. Also, props for choosing SE. Great game if you are willing to put in the grinding to get to the interesting stuff.

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