Space Engineers – Campaign Gameplay

CaptainShack jumps into the Space Engineers Campaign. An impressive collection of missions that came out with the SE Beta Release.

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Alchamen God says:

The campain was from czchec repiblic the names

Lordzombi Polosk says:

I have completed the campaign)))Xd

Zoey Vix says:

I will be honest, this was a bit painful to watch since Shack missed like 70% of the campaign because he had his hud off or just not looking around the area.. Other then that, was fun to see someone react to it live

random furry says:

a campaign tutorial like that would probably make the game a lot easier for people to

InFinite Chase says:

Anyone see the Star Wars turbo tank looking vehicle

EEL on Fire says:

apollo 11 moon landing

tackytrooper says:

I was getting Half Life vibes from that first level…just needed some shellshocked scientists…

- AetheroN - says:

First time I played mission 2 I immediately disabled the hydrogen drill drone, because I was thinking “That bastard’s going to kill me soon.” I was bloody right, it rammed me at full speed with no drill, it died a horrible death from the blades if my angle-grinder.

SilverBolt Folf says:

I need to start saving money to get a pc and buy this damn game.

terrorlizard says:

Eye bot 😀

Ian coram says:

If you’ve played dead space 2 you’ll understand
I want to recreate the scene when the space ship flies up and shoots out the glass and everyone is sucked out to space.

Martini LP says:

Love the setup aka reboot of the 60´s movie 2001 a space odyssey

Deutsche Hierarchie says:

What kind of computer equipment is needed to run this game? I want to play it.

Scott Wilhelms says:

As soon as I saw that obelisk I thought oh shit H.A.L. is going to try and kill you. 2001: A Space Odyssey

- AetheroN - says:

23:56 (HORRIFIC ANALOGY AHEAD) I think one of those hydrogen drones attacked that Engineer, ripping his skin off with the drills. Or someone just killed him with pesticides. Either or.

Rob Heart says:

When’s the next episode

Duncan Coonce-Ewing says:

Security active…. *Gunfire* WHOA! Security active! Roger that!

Greg Jones says:

how did the elevator work?

Pro Gamer 1337 says:

i got space engineers 😀

Titan Survival Studios says:

when will the next survival group ep be out just wandering?

Tycho says:

i found a bunch of references in this like a 2001 space Odyssey and many more

Ethan Corbin says:

When you got done with the second mission I paused the video and went to my computer to play it

Ábel Zatykó says:

I yelled “PRESS ONE” so much when you played mission 4

coolkirk1701 says:

I made it to mission 2. I stayed to fight off the drones, heard a chugging behind me, turned around AND THE DAMN MINER WAS 5 INCHES FROM MY FACE.

Richard Toth says:

I just buyed the game and the game freezes out whenever it’s loading…. any advice?

da Paly says:

Wow… Just wow…

shaquell cameron says:

how much does this game cost

Sleepy Brown says:

hey there are signs that you missed but you should have read something tells me it could have gone different

DR. URLF says:

Can anyone pls tell me what the music starting to play at around 16:30 is named? I’ve been searching for absolutely ages now but cant find it. It is not in the SE official Soundtrack included in the Specfial edition tith the soundtrack and artwork.

Halo Freek Reed says:

I hope it comes out on Xbox

Fallout Raider4 says:

What ship design is that in the garage?

InFinite Chase says:

24:00 your body decomposes faster in space (I think)

kazoosc says:

I think it would be cool if you had options, like you said.
.. exploring the stops along the way
.. station
.. the bombed outpost was very cool

Jolly_Dechonka says:

The second mission reminded me of aperture science from portal

BrunoGAMER190 says:

You don’t picked up the Sniper Rifle your nooob!!!

copper gaming says:

This reminded me so much of group survival

intact obey consume says:

this is fucken sick i love his game

Jakob Witters says:

I think thexpgamers game was glitch because when I did the space engineers campaign and the mine drones did not spin out for me and the huge ship he destroyed before the red planet split and big panels come off.

Kertlund says:

i played this some time ago i like it , it would be good if u could keep playing after the end

Hiep Dinh says:

its maybe bereghostgames the youtuber made it because in the end in the video a red guy was building a ship that’s bereghostgames ship and his base was green.

expics on yt says:

I cry so much no steam cd keys or 20$ steam card 1 like= 1$

The Angry Marine says:

hey, what are your PC specs? I have this on my steam but I can’t run it do to frame rate dropping Everytime I move half an inch

jake kiedaisch says:

Wow how far SE has come from having creative mode only without planets and no multiplayer, with only 1X1 armor blocks, ion thrusters, a command seat, turrets that didn’t work, gyroscopes, interior lights, and ladders. To this wonder full multiplayer fully featured game.

King Of Wolfs says:

I’ve played space engineers for….. 276Hours I believe…. lel


Anonymous says:

if they add npcs you wont be so lonley anymore when playing

High Marshal Thunder says:

when the blast doors opened my first thought was “sector missile defince silo”

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